Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sicko. My way of slapping together a sick face!

And not sick as in "oOo That shit was SICK!" More like, "Ah crap, I feel the sneeze just sitting there! Why does this throat hurt!? Where am I?" Okay, maybe not the last part, but I definitely have some funktastic body immunity war taking place inside my head.

It was super nice out today and I decided to go outside! AHHHHH THE SUN!!!! HISSSS!!!! BOO!!!!!

But, no, really, I hate the sun. Not for it's super brightness and the way it turns a day into something beautiful. It's a star. I love stars. I have frikkin star tattoos. I hate Mr sun because he likes to tan me. It's hard enough to find foundation that matches me! I don't need a tan interfering.

But I slopped on the sunscreen and got out there.

Since I feel all sick and junk I wanted to make sure to not contaminate my stash. It's weird how germ conscious you get when it comes to not wanting to dirty up your favourite stuff :D I probably shouldn't have worn anything but yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen. I won't even go downstairs to do laundry without something on. HAH!

I chose:

MAC Melon pigment, dumped into a little tray
Aromaleigh Alchemy, dumped into a little tray
Mascara I don't like so didn't mind crudding it up with SICKNESS!
Avon Iced Pink sample. I have a full size so this one I didn't mind contaminating so I can just toss it.

I didn't use a liner or crease shade, the plan was to keep it simple and there isn't really a was to keep a pencil liner germ free on a germy face. I knew a cosmetician who forgot liner and worked in a drug store. She went to a tester, alcoholed the crap out of it, then sharpened the hell out of it. Got pink-eye still. That story also scares me off testers in general...

Hello sicko face. Wow this pic looks bad in the preview! ick
The whole look was better in real life. It was one of those, soft, not inurface looks that made me think of being 15 again and barely knowing how to use eyeliner. My dad would have approved :D

And how to do the makeup face without wrecking junk:

After moisturising and then slopping on the foundation I washed my hands again and used my Rimmel translucent powder that I hit pan on to set the foundation. It's not the greatest so I didn't mind trashing that with mah germs. Garbage with you!

With a different brush (the first one was used over my eyes and around nose and mouth so it was possibly contaminated) I slapped on the blush.

And with yet another brush I put on a highlighter for some extra sunny shine. It's a frikkin nice day out! Shiny sparklies was needed EVERYWHERE!

All those brushes got set aside.

Then washed my hands again (feeling uber OCD here now) I put a bit of Too Faced shadow insurance on two different clean fingers, not touching the tube to my face. That's like $23 I could have ruined!

The shadows were in a little tray so I wouldn't be double dipping in anything. I accidentally put too much MAC Melon in it, but there's so much in a jar I won't even notice it missing. I painted my arm with the leftovers :D Yup. Weird.

Then I used my first brush to wipe away fallout (There was LOTS!)

Crimped el lashos

Plopped on mascara that sucked just to get it out of my hair. Eyelash hair! ZING!

Plopped on little avon tester thang.


Then I washed all the brushes I used, even the lash curler.

My doode says: Still washing your hands?!

Me: No. I'm cleaning my brushes because I'm sick.

Him: Oh you're sick so you have to clean all your brushes. (Said in a way to make me sound like a crazy person)

Me: Uh yeah stupid! Just the ones I used today. I don't wanna ruin my shit durrrr.

Him: *walks out of bathroom.

Me: *wins

So in the end, I may have gone a little far in keeping everything safe but I figure, I spent so much money on my makeup. I just want to make sure it stays wearable and I won't have to worry about making myself sick, or potential future owners if I ever decide to swap/trade.

And, here's the freshly coloured hurrr
Not as awesome in real life sadly. Oh well! 2 more boxes to go!
And you have to see this kick ass book I got....


  1. Aww you look pretty good for being sick. Sowwy you're not feeling well.

  2. you looked very pretty! I like the melon pigment. Gorgeous

  3. There's a cold going around ick. :( I lurrrvvveee your new hair and the melon color looks so good on you. :d

  4. Err you look so pretty with the ~barely there makeup! And ew now I'm even more scared of testers D:

  5. Very very pretty! I love your hair color and the light makeup!

  6. Thankyou for reminding me my brushes are very overdue for a wash!

    Sorry you're sick :( get better soon! Drink lots of orange juice!

  7. Very pretty sicko look! And I do like red hair.

  8. You look very pretty despite being ill! I hope you get better soon!
    Your hair is lovely!

  9. You look quite lovely for being a sick gal! Love the hair colour!

  10. Howdy Phyrra! Thank you :) Makeup is a magical thang heheh

    Hi MissTat! Thanks :D I only own 2 MAC pigments b/c of the price so I had to be sure I loved it before I bought it. I think I even scooped my momma a bit. Must share the shiny!

    Hey Pixie! Thank you! It's settled down a bit now. I attempted cold pills but got lazy so I'll let good ol nature do it's magic :D

    Hi Silhouette! BE AFEARED, BE VERY AFEARED! They should be wrapped in hazmat tape lol

    Thanks Makeup Zombie! And everytime I see your screen name I wanna play my Dead Rising! Gonna bicycle me some zombies!

    No problemmo Shady :D I forget all the time. When I'm better, I'll go back to total neglect again :)

    Hiya Kathyeffingjabobs! Thank you :)

    Thanks Lillian! :)

    And thank you Blix! :)