Sunday, May 2, 2010


I sometimes hop on the interwebz first thing in the morning to check out my blogger feed and I saw Bunzie's cute yellow look and that was my inspiration for Wednesday's look.

It was a bit different than my usual bold brights or metallics and I used a different brush technique and I love the way it turned out!

I usually just use 1 brush when doing eyeshadow (2 if lining) but I have this soft fluffy little Clinique shader brush that I got for Christmas a few years ago from my brother, and I used to use it all the time back when I only really used 2 shades. It sort of got shoved aside on my search for more brushes but I'm kicking myself in the ass now. This brush is fantastic for blending without even really trying. You'll see in my closeup shot. Hellz yeah I even cropped it so you don't have to click it larger. oOoo

I used Aromaleigh:

Lid Main: Bumblebee
Crease: Helena
Browbone highlight: Orion
Liner: MAC Black Line. Also smudged on lower lashline for extra sparkle awesomeness.
Maybelline Lash Stylist black.

Click to make anything HUGE. And I say sowwy for the ebil brows. They look much scarier blown up :D

And it was just all patted on! No real blending going on but that brush is MAGICAL.

Scary break-out face.
I bough loads of 40% off Quo face wash sponge/mitts/brush stuff to try to make my skin behave. We'll see if this helps with the EVIL OIL SKIN MONSTERS!
Die, scum.


  1. Just got caught up on this and your previous two posts. I love both looks, and especially want to use yellow now. :P And I love the makeup organization, it's glorious.

  2. You look beautiful as always! :) Lovely light spring yellows!

  3. You make yellow look so pretty and wearable! Jealousssssss :3

  4. I wants teh magic brush! :3

  5. Hi Kathyeffingjacobs! Thanks :) I lurve the yellows.

    Thank you Lillian :D

    Silhouette, you can totally wear yellow! You must have lemon pop somewhere lol

    Hi Simone! teh magic brush is pretty durn fantastic :D