Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aromaleigh Vault Sale EOTD

I finally got it right! I used all shades available here for a limited time. It just also happens to include 2 of my uber favs (which is odd because they aren't OMGSOBRIGHT or HOLYCRAPMETALLIC, just very pretty shimmery beauties) And I did use the 2 together before (when I was attempting to find a foundation match for the day) BUT LOOKIE HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!!! :D

I used Aromaleigh discontinued shades:

Lid main: Terpischore fr En Pointe(<3)
Crease: Pavane fr En Pointe(<3)
Browbone: Maiden fr Midsummer coll.
Liner: Swoon fr Midsummer coll.
Rimmel Lash Maxxx black mascara

Terpischore, Pavane
Maiden, Swoon

Blush Mark Star Glo

Lips: AL But I can't remember :( Twas pink!

Lots of pics, even though some look the same because the shimmer is so awesome, just trying to show you it the best. I don't even think that was good English there...

The next one is a bit blurry but Swoon looks the best here, you can see the purdy shimmer in action if you click the pic to max awesomeness...

And one more thing, this is why I think Giselle would make a lovely blush:

so shiny....


  1. I love the look.. Mmm.. shiny.. I sometimes wonder what would happen if we did simultaneous shopping :D

  2. Lovely, light and natural. You look so sweet!

  3. My last word verification was 'faces'. That's too easy!

  4. Thanks Lillian :)

    Hiya Saila, I think the world would crash but we'd be left covered in sparkles hahaha.

    Thanks Blix! I even felt like a lil lady :)
    sweet verification word! I wonder how they get chosen?!

  5. Prettyyy! I wanted to get some of these discontinued colours but I couldn't pick :(