Saturday, May 15, 2010


I gotz lazy :(

I feel a sickness coming on. YAY!! yuck. Hello Mr. Nose? Hi. Please stop this nastyness. I don't wish to deal with you.

Here is Tuesday's look I think. I said I was going to stick with my golds but for some reason when I popped open my cart of awesome, purple was like, "Oh hey, it's me, you know, the colour that's supposed to make brown eyes pop that you hardly ever use." And I was all like, "Oh that's right. Calm down purple, I shall put you to good use today."

And can you believe I haven't even had any cold meds to make me stoned yet?


I used Aromaleigh.

Main lid: What's Shakin'?
Crease: Ephemeral Violet
Browbone: Butterfly Kisses
Liner: MAC pearlglideiwanttomakeoutwith liner intense in Undercurrent
Rimmel Lash Maxxx (keep forgetting there are 3 x's on this, just looks dir-tay)

My attempt to show the gold of the liner under the lashline. Smudging really brings it out. There is so much gold sparks in real life but of course it's damn near impossible to show with my ancient camera.

The weirdness could also be the fumes of meh hurr dye on my brain right now.

I had 3 choices!

I chose the drippy bitch in the middle.

This was my hair 20 minutes ago:

I don't even have a name for that shade. It's the result of over year old red bleach with maybe 3 faded boxes of red dye in the last year.

And here's it for another 5 minutes until rinse time:



  1. Hi stinky! :D I love the look, purple really could be your friend if you gave her the chance. That lavender really likes you, you know.

  2. I got kind of "told off" because I am not a person that usually mixes mattes and shimmery colours. I have never really experimented with that, because of this stupid concept I have for some reason, because I don't know what ever prompted it ! Your look might just tempt me into trying that kind of mix :)

  3. I LOVE Ephemeral Violet, it's one of my favorite purples. Also... I need that liner asap.

  4. Yay for purple! I love What's Shakin'. And the rest of that collection.

    Can't wait to see the hairz =]

  5. You are too gorgeous. It's not fair. Leave some for the rest of us! :) Please post pics of the new hair when it's all done.

    I'm sorry your aren't feeling well. I haaaaaaaate being sick, and I wish you didn't have to feel lousy.

    And I feel all giddy inside. I actually have all those eye colors. (Look, I've lived among the Yanks too long. I no longer spell colour the PROPER WAY. Hee hee) That almost never happens for me when I see an awesome look online. So I will be copying this look soon. I don't have that beautiful liner, but I can dupe something.

    You know what else? I love your eyebrows. You are such a beauty. :)

  6. I LOVE the liner with the purples! Really pretty.

  7. the matte lavender is beautiful on you! i hate you so much for being able to carry it off! maybe i need to try aromaleigh's version, every other matte lavender i've tried wearing just looks like grey chalk on me..

  8. Hope you don't get sick!

    You've inspired me to pull out my Fyrinnae's Cupcake Sprinkles to wear tomorrow :) eep, they're back to 12-18 days waiting time and it's so horribly tempting... I'm technically on a no-buy, but the weather's taken a turn for the FREEZING here lately, so I went online and bought tights.

  9. I love poiple! It looks very nice on you too. I really like that MAC liner...I might have to give into my urges and get it!

  10. Howdy Saila! I had a good long talk with purple and we decided to make friends again :D

    Hi MartianDelights! I still don't really know how to mix different textures! I just kinda mix and match and sometimes it works, others, it goes horrible wrong-o.

    Hiya Heather! Heck yes you do. WTF, Did I just censor myself? Well that's odd. Not as odd as me talking to myself in the comments section! :D

    Hey Simone! I lurrrve the hi-fi mattes collection. It was the first time I used the "buy all" button around xmas time to get them all without sampling first. Twas 50% off, had to be done :)

    Hi Thebridofparadise! Thank you! :D The hair didn't turn out as awesome as I expected. But I shall post the sucker up anyway :D I love seeing someones look turn out wicked awesome and seeing what they use and seeing that I own them! It's like makeup lottery! Yay! I can has makeup look too! :)

    Hiya Phyrra! Thanks :D I followed Blix's advice to pair it with purples and loved it!

    Hey Farrah! I get that problem with some mattes too & I think I just get lucky sometimes. I think if I swiped the colour on it would do that to me but I try to pack it on by patting and it seems to help.

    Hey Jade! Now I wanna dig out my Cupcake Sprinkles :D I'm not liking this no-buy thang either. I'm super sad at missing a Meow sale. I want that damn caribbean collection asap! I keep seeing swatches and shades I thought were "meh" are like, beauuuuutiful.

    Hiya Blix! Thanks lady :) I paired it with the poiples cuz you said so :D & You do has to get it! I'm almost tempted to get backups because they are super soft and I can see them running out quick. I want the red one now too lol.

  11. hahahah, you wants ta eat it don't you?! I do I do!