Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pic Croppage Fail

I had 2 looks I wanted to share plus some sparkly goodness I was swatching to find out which I wanted as backups but my damn photoshop decides it doesn't want to open for me.

I think they'll be ready for Sunday. It could just be a simple restart the compy thang.
I have a BBQ to go to tomorrow night after work and then Saturday is filled with trying to not ignore the Mister so much, library time, more drunken good times and possible video game playage. Old school. Super Nintendo Style. We shall see.
Then I have to recuperate to go out for brekkie Sunday morning. I've learned it's cheaper to go out for breakfasts on the weekends instead of dinners and they are just as fun :D Who doesn't love WAFFLES?!? WITH BACON?!?

So in the meanwhile, here's a kick ass shot I took last night. Click for max-awesome.


  1. Wait! You call Breakfast "brekkie" too!

    That just made my day :D I thought I was the only one who called it that, or at least that's what my family says when they roll their eyes at me for saying it.

    My dog LOVES the word "brekkie" and does that happy dog dance with spinning tail wag when I say that word.

    ~ Hoyden

  2. Haha Hoyden, 'brekkie' is a really Australian slang term :) I use it all the time, and so do my friends and family.

  3. ^ 'Brekkie' is very UK-English, too. Just sayin' =D

    That's one amazing photo!

  4. Simone: I didn't think it would be exclusively Aussie, I just haven't heard anybody else saying it :)


    That reminds me of Dead Like Me :) :(

  6. Mmmm...bacon...
    Beautiful picture!

  7. Heck yes I calls it brekkie, yet only online me thinks :) I think it's because I say it on Twitter texting and they both have that pesky certain character amount :(

    Dead Like Me!!! I can't believe I haven't watched it for awhile! I love that show (even have the crappy movie made afterwards, TERRIBLE, but still like the show)

    Thanks Blix!! :D It was really cool, I know you're not supposed to stare at the sun but twas awesome!