Sunday, May 2, 2010

Organisation...I Has It! Uber Pic Heavy

After seeing Phyrra's makeup cart awhile ago, I've been lusting after it like a madwoman. And when my collection got to be too much for my itty bitty table I decided enough was enough and just suck it up and go out and buy the damn thing already!

There are similar carts I could have got but none of them quite had what I was looking for. The plastic ones you find in stores like Walmart would have 4 perfect sized short drawers and then 2 or 3 honking sized ones. I don't want the huge drawers, I wanted as little overlapping as possible, with names being shown on the shadows. That being said, my dream failed after I filled my new cart and realized I'll definitely be needing a second cart...

I went to Office Depot and almost didn't find them, they were by the computer desks now instead of with the rest of the storage carts. (check out my wicked writing skills, I totally just jumped my timing around)

Once I got this baby home I assembled it (very easy btw, allen key included). The hard part was trying to figure out where to put stuff. :s Everything I have is in the cart now instead of in many, many boxes, making me look crazy.

My one sad point is the drawers don't like to stay in the slots. Even for the lighter drawers they get off track when I open them. It's not too bad though because the drawer height is small, so it's not a long fall if it comes out completely. It's just annoying but I can live with that if it means seeing my vanity top again!

So here is my "Before"

And my wonderful "After"

The blue box on the floor is just my nail polish and the pink box is my glittery/flake top coats. Blue bag on stool is my nail Chrome stash for my Konad. Boxes on table are empty and brown bag is just filled with empty bags and those cute little sheer ones you sometimes get and the cute ones from Meow I can't bring myself to toss. The caboodles case on top the cart is now home to my essential stuff (foundation, moisturizer, mascara, lash curler, primers, brushes I use everyday etc)

Here's what's inside the box!! It looks more full than it is, lookie! You can see purple bottom! That hasn't been possible in YEARS!

Mr ginormous silver train case is having a vacation in my closet. He shall be used on my vacations for when I feel the need to take loads of unnecessary makeup.

And now....WHAT'S IN THE BLOODY DRAWERS! These are only semi-organized. This was taking way too long and I had zombies to kill, so no colour-coordination is in effect.

Drawer numero UN!

Aromaleigh. See what I mean about not being able to see names? :( Oh sadness.

Drawer number the second.

More Aromaleigh. While I delay getting cart 2 I will eventually have to flip these on their sides like drawer 1 to make space. This also has random blushes.

Drawer not the second, Meow Cosmetics! These are mostly from their seasonal collections. (Also just saw the Caribbean collection is back, good bye no-buy dealio) The Egyptian Treasures and the 2 big ones up top and 3 big ones (feliners) on the bottom left are the only ones from their regular lines.

Drawer FOUR, assorted lip schtuffz. I swear I didn't know I had this much. I even tossed like 10-15 of them and this is my end result.

Drawer CINCO, NYX, Urban Decay singles, L'Oreal HIP duos, all my eyeliners and random stuff I didn't know what to do with. The TruBlend blush up top sucks btw, but there is so much product left I can't toss it!

Drawer SIIIIIIIIIIX, palettes and schtuff I don't wear often because of my luvz 4 ze mineral makeupz. Rimmel, Annabelle, Avon, Mark., Too Faced, Cover Girl.

Drawer number I forget by now, MAC attack, Urban Decay pallets and BOS's, coloured mascaras.

Drawer number 3rd to last, Fyrinnae, Silk Naturals, Stardust Cosmetics, Innocence Mineral Cosmetics, MAC pigment samples.

Drawer almost the end, She Space. These were bought with either the Birthday Blitz sale or the closing out sale.

And the END! BACKUPS! And false lashes. As I type this I just remembered I have a makeup bag full of more backups that need to go in this drawer :s whoopsies.

And there you have it! It's not perfect yet, Once I have cart number two I can sort it a bit better. I really don't like having my Fyrinnae samples on their sides, the little jars are a bit hard for me to tell what colour they are. And I don't like the crazy overlapping going on in my MAC drawer. Also I hope to get it somewhat sorted by brand then colour but that's a task for NOT-RIGHT-NOW!



  1. Wow! Great organization system...haha it motivates me to organize my own collection : P

  2. Wowwww. Even though your organization isn't "complete" yet it looks great. I want one of those carts now... but I don't have quite THAT much makeup... yet... >_>

  3. I love it! It's looking so great! I am considering one of these lately :) & I knew I saw a pink one somewhere online once! I couldn't find it - but there's one in your link haha :D But I think for long-term the white/grey/black gradient may be better :) & YAY Winners for having makeup!
    Thank you for sharing photos! Your post made me laugh several times, especially "NOT-RIGHT-NOW" :D xD

  4. Ok I need a cigarette! Love your set-up and your vanity is absolutely gorgeous. x

  5. looks great! you have so much! :) x

  6. Holy crappppppppp so many pretties :D I am totally bookmarking this to spam my friend with whenever she tells me I have too much makeup, haha.

  7. OMG! It's like makeup heaven you have there! :) Love your vanity table! So cute!

    Totally "taking" SilhouetteScreams idea in case my hubby tells me "don't you have too much already". lol

  8. I wanna see everybody else's organization now, or lack of!! :D

    And don't worry about not having this much yet...oh you wills.... :) hahhahaha <3<3

    And Vampiressdoll, after this I think I need one and I don't even smoke lmao

  9. holy moly!
    i nearly had a heart attack when i saw all those pigments! i'd die to hae your stuff lol
    and the before and after was such a big different! You vanity is now so clean :D

  10. lol It's a leeeetle bit fuller now (okay I need a whole new drawer to make it purdy again) so I have a sliiiight problem lol
    It stays clean for about a day, then I go in like a hurricane until I get annoyed I can't find a single thing and clean it up again :D