Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seed Pearl

Well I'm daft. Hah! I just used to word daft.

I thought the colour I used was Pixie Cup but it was Seed Pearl.
Anywhosies, here was Thursday's look. I wanted to use a shade I really loved when swatching and realized I never actually used it yet! That's the problem when you have an excessive amount of makeup I guess :)

I used:

Seed Pearl over Pixie Epoxy main lid shade.
Virtue in crease
Maiden for browbone

MAC Blacktrack liner
Rimmel junk mascara stuff.

Just ignore that the pic hover thingy says pixie cup.

I originally thought I was using all discontinued items you can still get from the Aromaleigh Vault Sale but Seed Pearl is still available (Pixie Cup is not, you'd have to go to vault sale for that)

And, for extra happy to me, I PAID OFF ALL 3 CREDIT CARDS!!! W0000t! The bad news, just booked a hotel in Vegas with one, so it'll take me a bit to pay it off again lol. As a little celebration, I broke my no-buy (which is still on because I still need to afford two plane trips :s) I went back to the vault sale. I had to get backup-backups. Does anyone else do backup-backups on shades you know you will no longer be able to get when they run out?
I grabbed a backup-backup of:
Pavanne (the backup and the back-backup since I only had 1 already, yup I'm insane for wanting 2 but it really is such a beautiful colour)
Giselle I grabbed 2 because I think it would make a really pretty golden pink blush.

I also grabbed jars of Brownstone, Pettitcoat. I was going to get a backup-backup of Eggnogg and a jar of Pearl but had to have some sort of restraint! (Twas hard)

And then this afternoon Grey had a surprise blog sale where I picked up MAC Rubenesque paint pot, MAC Kumquat, Demeter mini splash colognes (FIREFLY!!!! YAY!) and a lot of Archetype shadows (yay for not having to wait 4 months!)

Miss K was also super nice and said she will send me some samples of her new steampunk collection in progress, so all sorts of awesome is coming my way!

I can't wait for my goodies to arrive! :D


  1. That is so pretty! I love Seed Pearl.

    Congrats on paying off the credit. :)

  2. I love this look, those colors are beautiful together :)

  3. Seed Pearl is awesome! I picked it up just weeks ago and now I wonder how did I ever manage to miss it.

    Ooh, Vegas, baby!

  4. This is so pretty ^________^

    But argh, I keep thinking of MAC Seedy Pearl so the lack of 'y' on the end of that is giving me the shits :D

  5. Thanks Michelle! It feels good to have that off my back :D No more evil interest payments! SCORE!!

    Thank you Heather :)

    Hiya Saila! It's so sparkly! I really liked her L'Orchidee collection (I think it was that one and not Spring Solstice) for it sparklies!

    lmao Silhouette!! I was drinking my pepsi when I read your response hahahah. My nose thanks you for the drink :D

  6. Love the title and you captivated pearl! x

  7. Good job on paying off some cards. I've never had any credit cards. I just pay cash for everything.
    I only buy back-ups on lippies and face products (because I go through them more quickly) but not eyeshadow. I think hell would freeze over if I actually used up a whole jar of shadow...
    I like how soft and shimmery this look is. You could seriously wear it any time.