Monday, May 31, 2010

Anger Shopping

I was mad at the dude, so I took it out on my credit card.

My goal was to snag stuff at the Body Shop's 3/$30 1 day only sale, but they didn't have anything I needed.

What I needed was....


I saw the MAC Superglass and couldn't decide on 1 so I walked away with 5. Whoopsie.

You definitely pay for the flake like bits and the packaging because these suckers are $21.50CDN for 4.5g or 0.16 oz whereas the lipglass, even looking like they are in a teeny tiny tube are $16.50CDN for 4.8g or 0.17 oz. So you pay $5 more for .3g LESS. LAMESAUCE.

But I'd totally buy again.

They smell really pretty.

And look really pretty.

Downside other than the obvious size rip-offedness, they be stickay. I took a sip of pop so some got on my straw (durr) and then I didn't notice that a piece of hair hovered by my drink and got stuck to the straw and flung it right out of it. That was slightly messy...

Another downside to the stickyness is I still had some of one on when I hopped in my shower and this stuff did NOT want to wash off. Around my mouth felt sticky, I even tried to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sticky feeling. Sticky chin feeling, not so cool!

Here are Totally Bang! (WTF?)

and Fab Frenzy

We also had a Bath & Body works open up and the Sweetpea Forever stuff was 50% off so I grabbed the perfume and lotion and also the regular Sweetpea home oil and Moonlight Magic home oil (Sweetpea Forever didn't smell as good as the reg Sweetpea for the home oils for some reason). I also got 2 roll-ons @ 50% off White Citrus and Orange Sapphire ($4.50ea). Last I checked, gem stones don't smell!!! So I don't totally get that name.

I walked by Fruits & Passion and the girlie handed me a free sliver of soap. Lavender. I'm not a big lavender fan so this will be a hand soap.

My last stop was my hairdresser to see if they had the OPI "What's With the Cattitude?" nail polish and they SO DID! Lots of them so I grabbed one along with "Rumple's Wiggin'" to save a buck. I was tempted to just grab the last 2 (Funky Dunkey and Ogre the Top Blue) only because I saw Funkey Dunkey was the first to sell out at the other salon. Then I realized that was a stupid thing to do if I didn't even like the shades. hahaha. Go me!

Looking at my other polishes, What's with the Cattitude? is like a lighter version of OPI Just Groovy. I think if you mixed a bottle of Cattitude with the Ogre dk blue you'd end up with Just Groovy. I also compared it to Orly's Snowcone just to see what they looked like together.

pinkie is Rumple's Wiggin'
Ring finger Just Groovy
Middle finger Snowcone
Index finger What's With the Cattitude?

The Shrek shades seem to need many many coats and they have to be 100% dry between coats so they're a pain in the ass. But I do think Cattitude is the best shade out of the 3.

Then the Saturday went wacko and it rained like a mofo. When I walked home from the mall it was raining just a bit and my makeup stayed put pretty good! But later water was dripping from the top of my bedroom window into my room. I'm glad it wasn't the one in the dining room or my makeup may have been crappered. Parts of the city are still flooded a bit. Cars that day were stuck all over.
Good times!

Raindrops keep falling on my bed.
Wait, no, Head!
Nope, I was right the first time, bed!


  1. Thanks :D It wrecked my awesome $0 ownage on the card but so worth it lol

  2. Guilty. I anger shop too. But I buy tools. My husband knows the fastest way out of the dog house is with a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot.

    Nice haul though!

    ~ Hoyden

  3. I called my MAC and EDM purchases my "holiday-slept-in-absurdly-late-and-the-suns-actually-out hauls" :D

  4. Anger shopping is the best :D and I like your reasoning for buying the Superglasses LOL.

    Totally Bang is hot <3 even if the name is stupid.

  5. I don't own any MAC, I just think they're ridiculously over-priced. Then again, I tend to think anything over $20 is ridiculously priced :P

  6. That sucks about the rain and your dude. The rest looks sweet!

  7. I love Totally Bang! (But yeah, that name....yikes.)

    I *heart* rain, but not leaky windows. Hope your bed wasn't too wet!

  8. Great haul! I love the look of the superglasses but they're so pricey :( Also love What's with the Cattitude!
    I hope you and the boy have made up :P

  9. Hi Hoyden! Tis good to see I'm not alone :D

    lol LiAnn!

    Heya Silhouette, can't go wrong with teh FLAKIES!
    ps I just spelled falkies

    Hi Jade! It was insanely overpriced, but I had an insane moment and had to do it lol. I would have gone back a week later, seen the ones I wanted all gone and wept inside. K no inside weeping, but I would have been really not happypants!

    Hi Blix! That's okay, he bought me dinner when we almost had to canoe ourselves over to the restaurant :D
    And I heard thumping on the roof, so I assume the guys with buckets and a ladder and junk were gluing holes and such up there :D

    Hey Kathy! Not too bad, some drops from when they fell and hit the bottom on the window sil and then bounced to the bed. We pulled it in the middle of the room. It's weird being so close to my creepy closet! That sucker has full length mirrors on it. Scary as shit at night.

    Hiya Lillian! Thanks :) I'll keep trying to find just the flakie bits, I think MAC is taking advantage of the fact they have something in them that nobody else has yet. I WILL FIND THEM!! AND MAKE MA OWN!!! lol
    The dude bought me din din and a blush! BLUSH!! That's the first makeup thing he's ever bought me cuz he says I already have too much :D
    Win for me!