Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lemon Sparkles!

The ebil hangover I had this morning seems to have subsided so...

Here's yesterday's look I feel uber proud of. CUZ I USED SPARKLES!! WHEEE!!!!

I totally copied Ms BLIX! Or attempted to anyway :D

I used:

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yellow smeared lightly and evenly for a backup base colour for the sparkles
Aromaleigh Golden Chrysalis in the crease and lower lashline
Random Rimmel nude shade from the Winter Muse palette for browbone highlight
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on just the main lid part
Lame Crime glitter which I wont bother saying the name of for the pure fact that it was repackaged and sold for a ridiculous amount (not mad at the repacked part in this case, it's glitter, but I didn't know I could get the same elsewhere for MUCH less and bought 6 of these damn jars. 2 years ago! And just using it now!)
The equivalent is Aromaleigh's Kerosene I think, and BFTE's Winner
Body shop craptastic liner (I really have to get myself a regular one!)
Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara in black

Cheeks, Avon Mark Star Glo
Claire's not so bronzey bronzer for cheek highlight
Aromaleigh Noreservation on lips

I used the blemish fixer tool to get rid of the millions of spots on my face that foundation wasn't able to hide just so you didn't get distracted by my skin fail and can focus on the wickedness that is ze GLITTAH!

After doing this look I think I'm more comfortable playing with glitter now. I have about 15 little jars I was scared to use and there are 2 other AL glitters I'd love to do a look with, Nowherefast and Shakeitup, I just have the sample bags, but would love to get f/s in the future.


  1. Maybe I'll start cautiously playing with glitter somewhat. (Maybe. After this year is over. I keep pushing my goal back by buying more eyeshadows...but how could I pass up the TSS closure sales, or the Aleigh vault sales? How, I ask? [And actually, that's my bank account talking It seriously wants to know how to get me to stop.])

    I think this looks really good on you!! Looking again I can see why you'd call it a liner fail - is that because the liner brush is just such a piece of junque? (Having never seen Body Shop liners, I don't know what they look like. But there's nothing I dislike more than having a potentially great product with a crappy applicator.)

    LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central

  2. Love it! Great job with the glitter!

  3. Cute :) You did great with the glitter.

  4. Ecotools angled eyeliner brush. Just sayin' :P

    Also, haha, you call them LameCrime, I call them LimeCrap. I have 4 of their so-called eyeshadows :( but I know their TKB equivalents, so when I eventually use up what's in the puny jar I can get more. I got 3 neutral/metallic shades and Grape Pop. Hmm, I actually have more Grape Pop, because I wanted to compare them. I even did the 'one on each eyelid' test.


    I want to steal it but I haz no coordinating glitter D:

  6. Hi LiAnn! It sucks in so many ways. The glitter actually hurts if it gets in your eyes (which is weird because I got so much of the yellow stuff in my eye and I didn't feel it and those particles even seen bigger than the liner ones!) and the little brush sucks because the formula is a bit clumpy and it doesn't wanna play nice :(

    Thanks ladies!! :) Twas all Blix idea I yoinkered :D

    Hi Jade! I think I even have that brush lol. I just don't have a wicked black liner cake or gel to use it with :s I'd love to get some TKB and get all the LameCrap shades but shipping is like $40! eeeep!

    Thanks Saila!

    Howdy Silhouette! Awww frikkity frack, I was gonna say I'll send you my sample bag I got from BFTE but I can't find the durn thing :(

  7. That liner brush is amazing. I smear a little Pixie Epoxy on my lashline and I can use any eyeshadow I want as liner, and it lasts all day. Srsly. If I want black liner, I use Fyrinnae's Immortality, it's amaaaazing.

  8. Wow! You did an awesome job! Yellow looks really nice on you. The glitter looks to be the same as Kerosene to me.