Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Out, Damned Spot!

Okie dokie, since my skin has decided to attack, I`ve decided to fight right back. Lucky for me on Sunday, all Quo stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart was 40% off. I stocked up on everything skin-cleany. And a bit of other stuff...

Here`s my loot:

L-R, makeup remover (can never have enough, brush shampoo, blotting papers, 2 types of face sponges, scrubs

Shit-tacular angled brush that sucks, more info later, foundation sponge, face brush with head band

natural sea sponge, face finger mitts.

Out of the face cleany stuff, thr most expensive piece was the brush at $2.99, everything else was maybe $1.49-$1.99. Super cheap to try to fix me face! I think they were all even cheaper than walmart stuff.

In the first row, second to the end, that sponge is supposed to help remove makeup as it cleans, to gently scrub it off.

The one next to it is like a face s.o.s. pad, it`s scratchy but not too harsh, so it would be good for keeping the flaky bits at bay.

The face brush is what I most looked forward too. I can`t afford any of the fancy schmancy type of automatic face cleaning brushes and their replacement heads so I was super happy to find this to mimick the swirly bits myself.

I thought the natural sea sponge was for cleaning as well but the back of the package said to wet it and use it to get a flawless finish with your foundation. That`s okay, I might one day :)

And the cute little face mitts. You stick your index, middle and ring fingers in it and use it like a little wash cloth. One side is super soft and fleece-like the other, more like a wash cloth.

So far my routine is:

In the morning I use the scrubby s.o.s. type thingy (hates my Monroe with a passion) with my Lush Coal Face soap and before rinsing, use my little brush just to make sure I got everywhere.

At night, I use the makeup removing sponge with my Coal Face and back to the little brush again.

If I`m not wearing any makeup throughout the day, at night, I`ll just use one of the little mitts, as I won`t need to scrub anything.

It may be just in my head, but so far after 3 days I think my face is getting clearer. It feels less bumpy when I slap on my foundation, so it gets hidden a bit easier.

It could also be that I`m better at washing my face at night lol. My pillowcase is freshly washed as well as my makeup brushes. I`m trying to keep the toxic stuff away, otherwise what`s the point of all the work :)

And I`ll keep on my quest to find my perfect mineral foundation match. I don`t like the feeling of liquid foundation so much anymore, it just feels cloggy, and the powder compacts in stores are filled with uber filler junk. I just want pure, happy skin :D


  1. Haha I bought that angled brush from Quo as well, a few months ago. I haven't used it at picks up way to much shadow. They should discontinue that thing. It sucks. For applying my mineral foundation I use their foundation sponges. They are quite nice.

  2. Oh yeah! I forgot to say why it sucked hahahah. Yeah, that thing is WAYYYY too big for an angled brush. I have loads of eyelid and it's too big for these big eyeballs. I know Mark. has a teeny little "hook-up" one for $7 I wanna try one day. That's probably just right, but yeah, crappy brush!

  3. I had an awesome facial exfoliator brush like that, but it fell in the shower and cracked :| so now I'm a brushless sad panda :(

  4. Oh noes!! Remind me not to drop mine. Eeeep

  5. That sucks your skin is being evil. I have acne and psoriasis on my face and it's a crappy combo. I try to treat one and it makes the other worse...much worse.
    So I quit using acne products and quit washing, scrubbing and messing with my face all the time. I switched to using a mild cleanser at night, applying lotion (Skin MD Shielding lotion) before bed and then in the morning, rather than washing, I just apply more lotion. Since I have been doing that, my skin has been sooo much better. I think skin can become crazy if it is overworked.
    So just remember not to over scrub or scrub too often. :-) I hope it gets better for you!

  6. Oh yeah! I forgot the overscrub-skin will detest you in the end part :s I'll save the sos pad thingy for once a week then (then it'll even last longer cuz my monroe wont be shredding it to bits :D And I'll be on the lookout for that lotion (oOo and I see one with spf in it!)
    Thanks lady! :)