Friday, August 13, 2010


My attempt at type-yelling "fire". Didn't really work did it?

My moodiness is in like super hyper manic mode right now. The doom and gloom is gone and it's payday and I'm buying RED HAIR DYE!!! YEAAHHHHH. It won't be as bright as a couple of years ago, (and that was it faded a bit and OOOO LOOKIE I WEARIN MY FYRINNAE! LOVE), but I need to safely lighten my hair somehow though, so the red does actually show up.

Okay, back on TOPIC! This is a look I did sometime last week, I think it was last Mondessday...

I yoinked out my SheSpace colours and grabbed fire looking ones. Sorta. I'm not super happy with this look, I just can't do firey looks.

I used:

Inner 3rd: Claim the Stage Baby!
Middle: Fire and Brimstone
Outter bit and crease: Beauty Babe
Browbone: The Bubbles Made Me Do It
Liner: Meow's Coffin

Coffin looks flippin sweet in the last one, that's why it's not my normal angle :)


  1. oooh I loved the red hair ! I am growing out my roots, said goodbye to red over a year ago, but as I use henna, it has to grow out with my hair, it won't fade. Red's great as a hair colour, but it's a bit hard to make it go with makeup sometimes. Love that fiery look you did :)

  2. I love thissss love love love!!!

  3. Oooh beautiful! Really nice fire colours. You looked great with the red hair :)

  4. Looks fiery to me! I tried dying my hair red but I would have to seriously bleach it to make any real difference :( I'm not comfortable doing that at home and I don't wanna pay a salon, so at the moment I'm just sticking with my own boring hair colour, lol. Seriously seriously suits you, though. I love your hairstyle in that pic as well!

  5. I like this look - very pretty!! And I LOVE Coffin as a liner - it's one of my favs.

  6. Flaming red hur looks freaking beautiful on you! DO IT AGAIN! And love the eyes. You have the perfect caramel colored eyes.

  7. Thanks MartianDelights! I agree on the red being hard to pair up! I mostly try to stick with gold, yellow or green if my hair is red. Anything else feels goofy on me!

    Thank you MissTat!!

    Thanks Lillian! I do miss that hair :)

    Hi Simone! It is crazy expensive to get it to show hard core :( I had mine bleached 2 summers ago and the bleach alone was $160! So I'm hoping to find a bottle of colour stripper to get rid of the box dyes that are in here and hopefully the bleached bits are still there (although after 2 years I may have mega roots! oh noes!)

    Hi Marcey! Thanks! Coffin is beauuutiful. It was the first mineral liner I ever bought and was so freakin happy I did!

    Thanks Zombie Ladeh! :D I shall, I shall! Hopefully! And thank you ! :)

  8. Looks like pretty mangoes! Very cute!