Monday, August 16, 2010

Red and Blue...SPIDERMAN

No, not really, Spiderman did not inspire this look at all. This is one I've been wanting to try since last year. LAST YEAR! Well, December anyways. I just didn't have ze balls. I saw ms BLIX wear blue and maroon here so I was going to a Pink Floyd Laser show Saturday and felt blue and red makeup was necessary.

That and red and blue seemed to keep popping up on me!
Bitchin' Kitchen goddess Nadia G wore dark blue and a dark maroony-brown in the crease for the "Makeup-Meals" episode (but they don't say what was used, one person said smokey eye from another episode but I specifically remember blue shadow. We're makeup chicks, these are details we NOTICE YO!)
And ms Heather did a look with red and blue here
So I figured, it's about time I get on that!

I'm kind of upset about the pictures again. I could have sworn I did better but the MACRO NEVER LIES! I even did the tape trick to get the severe slant but I even failed a bit on that. Oh well, I can always try again :)

I used Morgana Minerals

lid: Galantha (it's got pink sparkles in it!)
Crease: Bloody Mary
Browbone: Glowing Pearl
Inner lower liner: Zombie Ambrosia
Outter lower liner: Witch's Wine
Joe Fresh felt liner.


  1. Pretty colors! I always like the nerd shot :>

    Galantha is gorgeous!

  2. This look is great! And... yay for glasses!

  3. I love red and blue together, yess! You look so cute in your glasses!

  4. Lovely! You look great in your glasses :)

  5. teeheee thanks ladies, and thanks for the glasses love too :) I feel my makeup needs to be bolder if I'm wearing them cuz they hide me eyeballs!

  6. I love the colours you chose, I would only think to do primary colours and then be disturbed at how gross it looked :D this is so pretty and like soft-ish too?

    AND OH HAI SEXY LADY ;] /sleaze

  7. You be like one seksay spider woman! :-P

    Your glasses are so cute!

  8. hahahah "Gross" Yeah, I think it depends on the shade maybe? Bah who knows, I just kept seeing it everywhere and I was like MUST DO THIS NOW!

    Thanks Blix lady! :D They still make my eyeballs too warm hahahaha. Must get contacts or something :)