Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Feliner Swatches

Hullo there.

I'm a cranky ass so this post has no face! Or eyes! Just some sparkly cuz I'm all grrrr rawrrrr.

I got my Meow 30% sale items today and I ordered a crapload of Feliner samples because I haven't really seen anybody use them. But there are so many on the site and I have 3 of them and they are wicked awesome, so this is my lil ode to the Feliners I guess :)

Here's the HAND! (As usual, blow up for extra awesome)

1st row: Cat Claws, Cat-chy, Lap Cat, Neurotic, Cat O-Nine Tails, Magi-Cat, Tail of Woe, Krazy Kat
2nd row: Lightning, Catwalk, PSY-CAT-IC, Forni-CAT, Catsup, Hellcat, Catostrophic

Neurotic is very much like the mineral makeup answer to MAC's Pearlglide Intense liner in Black Line.

Here's my comparison shot:

Lap Cat is very pretty, it has teeny tiny pink sparks in it that make it that much more fantastic.
I LOVE Catsup! (Ketchup in Canadaland) my camera kinda failed to catch the sparkle to it, but it's awesome, I promise :D
Cat-Claws and Cat-chy are sparkly as well, but my second shot decided to not show that. What a jerk.

Also Tail of Woe and Krazy Kat, seriously, ya HAVE to see these 2 with your own eyes. They are INTENSE and beautiful! But cameras are jerks.

If you wanna pick up any of these with Meow's 25% off Birthday sale coupon: PartyOn they can be picked up here. (Click the tabs for ordering)


  1. I ordered a handful of Feliner samples a couple of days ago but they're all black or dark grey. Now I see your swatches and think hmmmm....

  2. Lovely swatches, Hellcat, Tail of Woe and Krazy Kat look gorgeous.

  3. Hi cin! The reds would look awesome on you!

    Hi ScrubbingUpWell! Thanks :) I wish the sparkles showed better but they are uber pretty!

  4. Oh wow they all look great! Thank you for the swatches :)
    I've never ordered from Meow now i really wanna :P

  5. Thanks Phyrra! :)

    Do it Lillian, you'll thank yourself lol. Especially when Halloween time comes around!