Friday, August 27, 2010

Who likes to win FREE STUFF?!?!?

Me that's who, but I can't win this cuz I'm the awesome possum giving it away!

This is a Happy Birthday to me and you get the gift, giveaway. So this ends on my birthday September 17/10 at midnight my time (so I guess that would be Sept 18...)
You know what I mean! 3 WEEKS! That will be the cut off and then I'll use some kind of magical name picker and announce the winner the following week.

I was going to do this a long time ago, but I'm a wicked procrastinator. Some stuff I wanted for the giveaway I still haven't gotten around to ordering so here's what I did come up with!

It's sort of a 50/50 indie/drug store mix. Indie because I friggin love them and drug store because it's Canadian stuff, so hopefully it's new to you if you've won. But if you're a Canuck like moi, and you have the stuff already, that's awesome too :) And you can hock it on ebay or something. Or hoard backups like me...



Up for yoinkage:

Aromaleigh jar of Le Mystere # 106

Aromaleigh samples from the Lost in Faerie collection in:

Aromaleigh Hi-Fi Mattes samples in:
Got Dibs
Cool It

Other Aromaleigh Samples:
Spark elemental lustre
Cookie Party from Holiday Blast (BEST EVER!)
Le Mystere #107

Meow Cosmetics samples:

Illegal in 50 States
Rainy Day
Hang Up Wild Child Blush
Pinky Panther Wild Cats powder

Sample of One Hand Washes the Other solid perfume in Los Angelitos

Annabelle schwag:

Solar loose pigment
Limette Smudgeliner
Studio shadow Limited Edition (I didn't get to try these 4 so I don't know how good they are or not) singles in:
Toxic Garden

The compact to put the 4 in. They are the same size as MAC refills so you can mix and match.

A bottle of Sally Hansen HIDDEN TREASURE NAIL POLISH!! (I was going to keep it as a backup but decided I need to stop getting effing backups!)

L'Oreal quad in Enchanted Bouquet. This was one of the only eyeshadow sets I wore before my uh, sparkle addiction. Then L'Oreal went and changed the formula and shades, slapped the same name on it, and it SUCKS. A store still had the original version, (the one you see here) so I snagged like 5 of them. I guess I can part with 1 :)

Tube of Rimmel Fix and Perfect foundation primer

A Lush Cinders bath bomb. I went nutty and bought like 8 of these. My nuttyness is your gain.

A knotted friendship bracelet I made with meh own 2 hands, cuz I be knotty like that. Yeah, that was a bad joke wasn't it?

And a BOX OF SMARTIES!!! Woohoo for candy!!

Wow, typing that all up looks INSANE!

So to win!

1. Follow me! You must pop up in my "Kick Ass People" list
2. Tell me your name and email written all out, for example: Brontosaurus at hotmail dotcom, painteme at hotmail dotcom so the ebil spambots don't hunt you down.
3. Tell me how you stumbled on this lil part of the interwebz, it's completely fine if you just found out today, just don't be all "*follow, YAY FREEBIE, *unfollow". That's just not cool yo!

That's the main one, all 3 thingys must be met or no dice! It's a lot of stuff so I'm going to be picky!


For an extra entry tweet:
Makeup giveaway and such! @HovercatMittens RT

Then let me know twitter name is to verify.

For 1 more extra entry, post this on your bloggy blog if you has one (must be a blog already in action, no 0 postys and just a post on this giveaway) and show meh the link.

So in all you can get 3 entries. I hope I get oodles of comments so I don't look like a douche for having so much stuff up for grabs with nobody wanting any of it!

Good luck all!!

annnnnnnnnnd GO!

big waterfall is big


  1. Brontosaurus at hotmail dotcom, what is this?? I'm a bit confused LOL sorry! I tried googling it :)

    I'll repost this on my Bloggy :) Have a great weekend!!

  2. lol that's just so the ebil spam bots don't steal your email address :)

  3. You are so awesome for including smarties in your giveaway hehe :P

  4. 1. Proud follower! Love your blog.
    2. kerry elizabeth 97 at yahoo dot com
    3. I'm pretty sure I found you from a shout out to one of your gorgeous looks on someone else's blog.. I honestly am not 100% sure.. but I'm glad I did. :)

    I also Tweeted your giveaway.. KerryB678..

    P.S. I love Smarties!!

  5. abremner at live dotcom :D
    My name is Aubrey, and i've been following for awhile, SMARTIES! :D

  6. Yup yup I follow your blog. I also follow through mah blog roll.
    Pixiealamode at gmail dot come
    I think I found you through twitter or a maybe a link some one put up of your look. I loved your sense of humor so I decided to follow. :D Also CANADIAN SMARTIES! *gasp* Not like our stupid American ones that are all chalky and stuff. (Though I still nom them.)

  7. feisty_brunette at hotmail dotcom
    I'm T, and I've been following for a bit
    I actually found you through another blog, I think it might have been Phyrra's, but I'm not 100% sure.

  8. Oh... and I have your giveaway posted on my blog

  9. hullo! i follow you through GFC under the name Kimber Y.

    My email addy is kirby.monk (at) gmail (dot) com

    I first 'stalked' you through your flickr account but didn't know you had a blog. Later that day, I was searching for some Meow swatches through the google image thingy and there were your peepers in my search results...serendipity, baby!

  10. Yay! And I'll keep following you 'til the ends of time.. through your living room window... nope, just through the interwebz.

    1. My name is in the Kick Ass People list.
    2. adventurous (dot) purplekoala (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. I think I first found your bloggety through googling Meow or Aromaleigh.. Not sure anymore. I'm old and my memory is fading!

  11. Sweet giveaway! Your Bday is the day before my hubby's. :-D

    I'm not going to participate in the giveaway because I have too much makeup shooting outta me arse and I think it's more fair to allow other people who need/want makeup more than I do to win. So I'll cheer them all on! I'll make sure to post about your giveaway on my bloggy to get more peeps involved! I'll be posting my own HUGE giveaway later tonight too. :-)

    What are you planning on doing for your Bday?

  12. awesome! Thanks lady! :) That's super nice of ya! I can't do mucho for my birthday this year. I'm going to Las Vegas for my cousin's wedding that takes place the day after so I'll be broke as a skunk. Cuz skunks are totally broke. The dude will guard my fortress while I'm gone. I can't wait to see your giveaway!!!

    And Kimber Y: yay flickr!! If I'm lazy I'll just post to that before the blog lol

  13. 1. I kick ass
    2. robyn d skinner at gmail dot com
    3. I bleeve I found you through the luverly miss Blix's blog, but if not it was through some other equally lovely and schmexy persons blog

    Edit: Word verfication = porks

  14. hahahahah!!!!! Wow, word verification is kicking some hard core ass today!! Holy crap that's awesome! :D

  15. I'll bit. I don't enter many contests and I'm eyeballing the Annabelle eyeshadow!

    I iz follower!

    makeupzombie at yahoo dot com.

    Will tweet about the super awesomeness.

  16. Hey, I follow ya with GFC as Kimberly.

    I found out about this giveaway, first, from Makeup Zombie's tweet.

    Then I turned around and tweeted it anew.

    Totally sweet giveaway and the winner is going to be one lucky ducky.

  17. Dewd, that is too generous. I don't remember how I found you (maybe through Phyrra's blog links, idek) but I was so happy when I did. You changed my life, man. You changed my life.

    bunnyshooz AT gmail DOT com

  18. LOL, you're funny! I love reading your posts. xD

    SO here is my entry! I follow you, thereby making me a kick-ass person, yeah? Whoo!
    I found your blog a little while ago when my friends and I were browsing different makeup blogs and clicking links to other makeup blogs, on those makeup blogs. It was quite the adventure... yes... xP *strokes imaginary beard*

    Kieran.lovesyou AT gmail DOT com

    (I think my follower name on GFC might be Kieran, I don't know why my commenting name shows up as my blog name.)

    Thanks! <3

  19. My name is Kaitlyn

    and email is alltheprettythingss at gmail dotcom!

    i actually stumbled onto your blog through another blog :]

    amazing giveaway!!!!

  20. i'm following

    daisypack (at) hotmail (dot) com

    it was a long time ago when i stumbled here so i'm not sure! guessing from another blog

  21. I am Sara and i would love to take part in this one.
    i just found about your blog through Blix's post about this giveaway
    email: xtreme_venom22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    i have posted about this giveaway in the side bar of my blog here:

    I tweeted too. my user name is xSara_H

    check here:

    thank you so much for doing this :)

  22. Follower
    kirafaye at hotmail dot com

    I found you through a repost on Glitter is my crack.

  23. My name is Sarah, I'm a new follower.

    I found your blog thanks to Blix aka "Glitter is my Crack".

    my _ chemical _ princess at hotmail dot com

    I've linked your giveaway in the sidebar on my blog :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Thanks for this lovely giveaway !!
    count me in.. hehehehe... i saw ur blog on a friends blog and then saw this giveaway.... so yeyy !! nd dnt wry i'l not unfollow you if i dnt win..lolzz

    m deeptima and my email id is -

    will come back to collect more more points.. cya..

  25. And I forgot to tell you my blog is


  26. Great items! I'm a follower and have been for a while. Pretty sure I found you through the AL forums or through some comments on Phyrra's site but I'm not sure.
    My email is kathollywood at gmail dot com and I posted your giveaway on my blog here:
    Thanks for offering a fun giveaway!

  27. 1. I follow!

    2. Jade, who likes to talk about herself in 3rd person, is emailable at the.jade.carver at gmail dot com.

    3. I think I found you from Phyrra's blog. Or maybe it was Blix... or Silhouette Screams? Um... I don't remember!

    I tweeted from jade_everything and have written a post in my bloggy-blog:

    FANKOO for awesome giveaway! xD

  28. I'm a follower. Email is hi_it_is_me at yahoo dog com I found your blog from a link on another blogger's page (which I can't remember anymore).

  29. a little late, but happy birthday!!!(its the thought that counts, right? :) ) (my bday was just the day after yours, how kewl is that, im also having a bday giveaway )

    Ive never heard of most of these brand, so they probably arent available love to try them out!

    1. Im a follower with google friend account and blogovin'
    2.I'm widely known as Jasmine and can be found at j.dorst3 (at)
    3.I've found you through the blog :)

    Ive tweeted, jasmine_nl
    its under 'giveaways' in my sidebar at


  30. 1. Follower!
    2. Casey shefallssoftly (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. Found you off of Phyrra's followed ppl!

  31. Very very great giveaway I say!:)
    I'm a follower of your blog via GFC
    anuroininen at hotmail dot com
    I found you trough the Fashioned in Finland

  32. Just followed your blog. I think I would've even if I hadn't of wanted to enter the giveaway--love your 'tude!

  33. My name is Rhonda and my email is lilbit-sassy at hotmail dot com.

  34. I found you because HoverCatMittens tweeted about your giveaway on Twitter.

  35. And last but not least, I'll tweet about the giveaway-but not too much because the less entries the more chance I have of winning-ha! LilBitSassy is my tweet name.

  36. I follow! Just started today, though. *blushes* I've been reading a long time, though!

    eplefe at gmail dot com

    annnnd I tweeted, but you probably saw that already. Eplefe.

    I need Hidden Treasure. It's so beautiful, and I don't want to pay thirty bucks for a nail polish on ebay. Pleasepleaseplease pick me! ;___;
    *fishes for sympathy*

  37. Oh, and I discovered your blog through phyrra the first time and twitter the second. Yep.

  38. I follow, just started today.

    bleedingviolets at gmail dot com

    I found you through Blix's blog "Glitter is my Crack"

  39. Hi, I'm a new follower. I found your blog thanks to Glitter is My Crack.
    I'm entering half to try and see if Canadian Smarties are different to Irish ones. Oh and cause you know, I like to win free stuff!
    My email is Sorchwitch at hotmail dot com

  40. My happy birthdya wishes to you.
    i am a new follower of your blog.
    i came to your blog through Phyraa's blog.

    username- ks sn
    email- kssn31 (at) gmail (dot) com


  41. I kick lots of ass =where my blogpost on this will be. :)


    I found your blog when you commented on one of my first blogpost/twitter and since I love looking at makeup looks I followed you also. :)

    Word verification= tater

  42. 1. Follow me! You must pop up in my "Kick Ass People" list


    2. Tell me your name and email written all out, for example: Brontosaurus at hotmail dotcom, painteme at hotmail dotcom so the ebil spambots don't hunt you down.


    Tee dot Rose16 at gmail dot com

    3. Tell me how you stumbled on this lil part of the interwebz, it's completely fine if you just found out today, just don't be all "*follow, YAY FREEBIE, *unfollow". That's just not cool yo!

    I've been following you quite a while and love your eye looks. You have a quirky sense of humour that I like.

  43. 1. I am a new follower
    2. Serena Thornbrugh - saffeygirl at gmail dotcom
    3. I found this through Phyrra's blog

    Thank you! =)

  44. I'm a follower! I found your blog through a post by phyrra.
    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  45. Hi!

    I have been following your blog a little while. It's really nice. I think I found it through Blinx's blog or Nea's. I am not sure. :) I made very simple post about your giveaway:

    my email:
    mari dot ahokas at gmail dot com

  46. I follow through blogger!
    corbyjane at gmail dot com
    I believe I started following you through Phyrra, but I'm not sure. It was a bit ago. :)

  47. Also, I RT'd you & posted it on my blog. Twitter: somuchbetter88
    Blog: (currently in draft form, will publish in about five minutes)

  48. jade dot marie dot funk at gmail dotcom

    I think I saw this post on one of Phyrra's blog lists... just a couple minutes ago and I don't remember lol. Good luck to everyone.

  49. tweeted
    email: lisang91 AT hotmail DOT com

  50. caitlin07 at rocketmail dot com
    I saw your link on Phyrra's blog.

  51. Heya!

    I'm a follower!:) stumbled to your blog from another blog about mineral makeup :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  52. I'm one of those who just found you today!

    My email is jessi dot mckinney at gmail dot com.

    I found you through Phyrra's blog, she posted a link to your contest. I really like your blog and I'm always excited when I find a new one because it means I have a lot of reading I can do! Thanks!

  53. I'm totes a follower :D

    Email: silhouettescreamsblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    I think I might've seen your link on Phyrra's blog or something, though I do explicitly remember seeing your eyeball on a twitpic or something after that /stalkermoment

    I've tweeted: @jerryfetus

    And I blogged:

  54. 1. I am on the "Kick Ass People" list
    2. Name Mary, email written all out: jane.doe0198 at gmail dotcom – spam bots be gone!
    3. Phyrra led me to you, huzzah!
    4. I RTed your contest, check it - JaneDoe0198, my first twitter words ever so my accent maybe off

  55. HI! I found your blog when I came across this pic, I so want to try this!
    my email fashiondyva at [gmail] dot com
    twitter CallMeRox

  56. I'm a follower through google
    name is Mandy
    email is m4nki86 at gmail dot com
    I'm always hunting aroudn for more beauty blogs to read and i found you through Glitter is my crack and Makeup talk with LisaMarie
    i own a beauty blog and i posted about your giveaway here

  57. Great giveaway!

    I'm a new follower - Biba.

    e-mail: barbara(dot)skledar (at) gmail(dot)com

    I've found you through Phyrra's blog. And I always like blogs where mineral make up is involved :D

  58. I am in Mindy !

    I have retwitted your post (MartianDelights) and I have also posted on my blog here

    I think I probably found you through the Aromaleigh Facebook page if Kristen ever posted your blog posts on there... or maybe from lurking at someone else's blogroll like I do sometimes... anyway I am so glad I did !

    Happy Birthday in advance
    Lorraine x

  59. I'm a new follower( linsay) :)
    E-mail :illine57(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I think I found you through MartianDelights Make-Up and Cosmetics Blog :) She blogged about yr giveaway.
    By the way, I posted a link about yr giveaway on my sidebar :

  60. hey
    i follow you via GFC (maRyya)
    contact me at mar_yya at yahoo dot com
    i just found your blog today.

    thank you!

  61. Following through GFC!
    My name is Maria Khan and my id is amy_heartz at hotmail dot com.

    I'm definately not one of those people who follow blogs only for freebies :)

  62. Hello.

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.
    I would love to enter your giveaway. I found out about your blog from a friend's blog :)
    I also blogged about the giveaway here:


  63. Omg smarties! :D

    Hi, my name is Loqi. I found your blog through another blog I follow: Konadnails. And I would love to enter your giveaway, and I will definately keep following you, I love makeup!
    My email is: manonpen(at)gmail(dot)com

  64. Silly me I haven't entered yet!!! Count me in!!!!

    thia2345 at gmail dot com

    I'm a follower through Google friends connect

    and posted in my blog too!

  65. hy, i'm follover you via GFC as Ana Mandekic and my mail is a.mandekic(at)

    i foud you ecause i follow phirra!

  66. Hi!! I found your blog after reading about the giveaway on Blix's blog.



  67. Follower Lauren E on google friend connect
    I sidebarred the giveaway link

  68. Caz T on friend connect
    I found your blog from someones blogroll and am super glad I did! you're looks are fab

  69. elanm at live dot com :) Following you as zombiewench ^_^

    I found you through Phyrra this morning, I'm discovering a slight addiction to makeup blogs so I'm happy to add you to my still small list!!

  70. carlette at gmail dotcom

    I heard about you from Phyrra, at

    I LOVE your background!

  71. I follow! I should definitely pop up in your kick ass people category. I lurk...but I absolutely follow :)

    My email is simplystephtee (at) gmail (dot) com

    I re-tweeted your giveaway. My twitter is @astessame.

    And...I blogged your giveaway here:

  72. I'm a follower! Enter me please. :)
    I found your blog through someone else's when I was searching for new blogs to read! And yours is great!
    hot_ring_gal at

  73. 1. I follow via GFC as Shayne :) Yes that is my real name.
    2. setfreeshayne{at}yahoo{dot}com
    3. I think I found your blog thru Phyrra's a few months ago.
    4. I retweeted you ~ @mrsivan2004 ~ cuz I love free shiz too!!
    5. I blogged about your giveaway on my blog as well here:
    6. I also posted it to my Facebook profile (I'm sick I know)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    EDIT: My verification word was: busseat

  74. 1: I follow via GFC as Daniela Alston
    2: danielaalston at yahoo dot com
    3: I just found you through blix's blog

  75. I follow through google, but the best email would be
    I found you because Glitter Is My Crack linked to you. Yay!

  76. Name: Katherine
    Email: findkatherinewu at gmail dot com
    I found you through another nail blogger who entered into your giveaway. :)
    Blog entry:

  77. 1. Follower on GFC
    2. zombiegrrl at hotmail dot com
    3. Found you through Glitter is my Crack

  78. I follow via GFC with my GMail address and can also be reached at extemter at hotmail dot com. I found you through the defunct AL forum or through Phyrra -- I can't quite remember which.

  79. I found you via google xD Was looking for a review and tanaaa1 I am here.

    I am a new follower, lovelly_ank at yahoo dot com

  80. Hi! I follow you as Helga (soapsandcrafts at gmail dot com). I found you while I was looking for some fotd inspiration on google.

  81. And I blogged about your contest right here

  82. Hey!!! my name is Ash and my email is

    hotangel underscore two thousand and ten at hotmail dotcom

    found you blog over at Konad Addict

    share the love and follow!!!

  83. heatherbabyx at gmail dot com

    Geez, I've been following you since as soon as I started blogging basically. I probably found you on Phyrra's blog. And I totally LOL'd at the "knotty" thing :P

    I'ma link to this on my blog tomorrow :)

  84. Hello :D My name is Frankie
    Email: imogensr at gmail dot com
    Konad Addict linked your blog so I wandered on over. ;D

  85. Hi! I'm a new follower through GFC.
    Jennifer Ryder
    jryder416 at yahoo dot com
    I found you through Phyrra.
    Happy Birthday!!

  86. 1. I am follower :D Tessa Mastenbroek

    2. My name is Tessa and my e-mail is tessa [dot] mastenbroek [at] xs4all[dot] nl

    3. I found out trough a friend (maRyaa) of mines blog :) But I'm a follower and I will stay a follower! :)

  87. I am a follower (Throuthehaze)

    I found this through another blog (can't remember which though)


  88. I'm a new follower (Jess)

    my email is polishedlyrics at hotmail dot com

    I found you through Glitter Is My Crack and I found her from throuthehaze. I will be a devote follower I promise :)

    Here is my twitter link/post thing:

    Here is where I mentioned your giveaway!


  89. My name is Wendy and my email is misswendythirteen[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I am following you and I found this giveaway through Phyrra :]

  90. I am one of these Kick Ass Peoples, yes.

    my email - noctadea at yahoo dot com

    I found your blog through Phyrra and followed 'cause it looks interesting, not just for the giveaway, I promise!

  91. OOOOOHHH! I hope I win! I am now following your blog! My name is Kimberly and my email is kimberlymarquez at gmail dot com

    I found your blog through Glitter is my Crack!

  92. I tweeted too! My user name on twitter is @poppyluxedesign

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  95. jess @ jessica {dot} lyons {at} gmail {dot} com

    I found you via twitter!

  96. name nadja
    sikoreo at hotmail dot com

    its been so long i dont remember but i think i found you through blix

  97. Great giveaway! I've been following ya for a little while. ^^

    kiimuu at gmail dot com

    I found you from another blog, I think Phyrra's blog actually. ^^

  98. I'm a follower!
    email is darceyunderwood at gmail dot com
    I think you commented on my blog first (which was AWESOME) but I'd peeked at your blog quite a few times before then, I think I found you through Blix! :D

    I tweeted it! Twitter name is @shopmystash.

    I posted, as well!

  99. I found your giveaway through Eyeconic, but I've been to your blog before just browsing around!

    I'm a follower! [under TigerLily]

    Posted in this post!

    email: tomi.colleen at yahoo dot com

  100. Hi!

    I found you through Blix's blogspot (Glitter is my crack...)

    I'm now a KittenMittens follower under the username of VainGlorySinner

    I've posted about your giveaway on my bloggy blog!

    I've tweeted you too!!
    Twit name is: VainGlorySinner

    Email: mycherryblossomtree at hotmail dot com

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  101. I am a follower now, no longer lurking ^_~
    My name is Anna (tingley.anna atgmail dotcom)

    I've been lurking on a few other blogs,I found your blog through Moon Maiden's blog. :) I love how soft your eotd looks are! It is really close to my style, so it's easy to imitate or make my staple looks even better. :)

  102. I'm following through GFC!

    Email xlindajohanssonx (at)gmail(dot)com

    I've been lurking here for quite a while now, and since my memory is short... I think I might have forgotten where I first came across your blog. But somehow it must have been through Fashioned in Finland's blog... I'm really into mineral makeup so I'm sure I checked it out just because of that, but kept on going because your sense of humour (I mean your blog is more than just the average "I bought some new makeup. It's green, I like it") and I really loove that!! and the Brontosaurus too I guess :))

  103. Following through GFC :)


    I found you through Silhouette Screams :)

  104. 1. follower
    2. liisk at hotmail dot com
    3. well, I was browsing Silhouette Screams and came upon this little gem :)
    4. and here's a link to my little bloggy

  105. Hey!
    Im fildi from Hungary, and i've just found your blog. Happy birthday so forward:) I really like your makeups, i like you use colours and not just black and dark shadows, but green and yellor and light brown and so on. I found your blog today but i like it absolutely^^

    I linked you on my blog, come and see:

    and my mail is: fildi92[at]hotmail[dot]com

    happy bday again, and bye :)

  106. Happy Birthday!!!

    email is sngstevens at gmail dot com

    I discovered your blog from one of my girlfriends!

  107. wow im wondering why u love dinasourus soo much :D
    i actually stumbled onto your blog through another blog ^^
    Great giveaway :)
    Enter me plss .....
    Im following your blog through Google Friend Connect
    -i repost here :
    - following ur twitter and tweet here :


    ♥ thank you :)

  108. Following you as donna baby on blogger :)
    found your page on lollibunnie!

    and happy birthday!

  109. Enter me!

    1. Follow you as Victoria
    2. My name is Victoria too hahaha. Email : coloressinmezclar at hotmail dot com

    3.I found your blog searching in google about Matte Top Coat time ago

    Extra entry tweet:

  110. Hi!
    I'm a follower!
    Mail: at hotmail dot com
    I was looking for more beauty blogs and just came across with this (^_^)

  111. Following you! (:

    I'm Natsumi Suzuki, suzukinatsumi at gmail dotcom

    I stumbled upon you through some other beauty blog I believe, I love your entries and HELLO giveaway? You're insanely sweet for having one AND I TOTALLY WANTS THE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET! More than the makeup o.O

    (: xoxxx

  112. Following. =P

    ellie _ mckechnie at hotmail dot com

    No spaces whatsoever.

    I found out about this somp via Phyrra's blog.

    Dude, candy. <3

  113. Lovely giveaway

    Old follower via gfc as
    Sarah Hussain(Innocent122)

    Name: Sarah

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