Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aromaleigh Ciao Italia! Collection

Hi there!

Kristen of Aromaleigh kindly sent me so pretties of her newest collection to go over for you. The collection is Ciao Italia!

I think this collection is very beautiful. Many shades have that awesome rainbow iridescence. If I didn't just drop a big ol bunch o dough on a necessity I would have found a way to get at least 8 of these. They are very vivid and many of these would make wonderful crease shades and liners.

You may have seen the swatches already but maybe there is something you didn't notice that you liked this time around :)

I swatched them on UDPP.

Swatches on hand match up to bag swatch layout:

The black sparkles in Pistachio (sorry for the yellow light, sunset is in effect!)

1st row:
Liquiriza: dark blueish grey
Pistachio: matte green with black sparkles
Mirtillo: dark greyed purple
Bacio: rosey gold ****
Malaga: dark mauvey pink
Tiramisu: dark brown with brown shimmer ***
2nd row:
Rosamarino: Dark silver iridescent shimmer
Menta: light green, uber magical, rainbowy iridescent shimmer *****
Fior Di Latte: creamy shimmery light pink, pinkish iridescence
Lampone: peachy coral, golden rainbow iridescence, green sparks I think **
Melone: dark blueish green, green iridescence
Nocciola: matte dark curry yellow, very unique shade

Amarena: (on far right) pale pink frost. Frosty version of Terpsichore minus the gold shimmer, more white. Still pretty!

3rd row:
Ciocolatto: Olive greeny brown. HAWT! ***
Pera: slight shimmery greenish grey
Albicocca: Matte reddish orange, slight shimmer
Fragola: Cooler toned more pink version of Lampone minus the sparks I saw***
Melograni: Very pretty red with wicked green shimmer. Like Calendula but less IN YO FACE! ***
Biscotti: pinkish taupey rainbow irridescent magic in jar. Red sparks? My definite favourite of the bunch.*******
4th row:
Zabaglione: yellowy orange with orange shimmer and hot pink sparks
Mela: Really pretty dark aqua green. Slightly matte
Fico: pretty shimmery mauvey taupe, rainbowy iridescence.
Fruitti Di Bosco: Intense dark and regal purple, red sparks
Mora: Dark purpley mauve, slight iridescence
Puffo: SMURF! Sweet sparkly light blue with rainbow iridescence

My favourites have the stars. The more stars, the more I lurves them :)

They can be bought if you click on the links here

Any ones you'll be checking out?


  1. Argh, the goldy bronzey colours = gorgeous :3

  2. You mean they can be bought at that link if you're American.

  3. Oh, these are more lovely than I realized! For some reason, I hadn't noticed the shimmer before, and was like, "Eh, they're nice, but...mattes. Meh." Thanks to your swatches, I am rethinking that. :D

  4. So nice !!! I just got mine too , my favorites': Fruitti Di Bosco,Biscotti,Ciocolatto,Menta ... i think this is one of the most beautiful collection Kristen has ever made . I love the sparkles in these ... first i thought that i wouldn't like these , but i love them so mutch . They are in real life mutch mutch more vibrant and sparkly than on the pictures . You have to see them , to love them :-)

  5. Whoops, forgot to mention the US only part, or get a friend to order for ya.

    Hi Kathy, which ones were you eyeballing? And I'm glad to see my swatching was handy :)

    Menta is pretty frikkin amazing, I want at least 3 shades but I'm poor :( The 3 I'd get if I came across extra moola would be Menta, Biscotti and Bacio. Soooooo pretty