Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gloom be gone

Hi! It's gloomy out and I'm home alone :( Saturday tv sucks and I have no real life friends in this city so I felt like playing around with my makeup. Oh makeup, you be meh fwend.
I only did one eye because I'm not going anywhere and doing both eyes would be just a waste of makeup!

But hey lady, wouldn't doing 1 eye and not going out be a waste as well?


Here's what I did and used:

NYX Jumbo Milk pencil of awesome smeared on lid for extra bright action!
Lid main: Meow Cosmetics in Meow Cosmetics (yeah that could get confusing...)
Crease: Fa La La from Meow's Merry Mayhem collection
Pink above crease and lower lash line: Aromaleigh's Psychocandy
Browbone: Silk Naturals in Sprite
Black liner above: Joe Fresh Liner
Black liner smudged below: MAC Blackline
White line in between those bad boys: NYX Milk

That was an accident, my upper liner didn't meet up (hah just typed "meat") with the lower liner so I pretended I was supposed to do that and plop some white in there. Very hard when the brush seems stupidly thick.

Click on them to explode them to max pixelness and such. You can see out my livingroom window in the first one, through my eyeball! Teehee.

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  1. YUM! Love the colours, time well spent, lady!

  2. Very pretty! Are you going to do the other eye with different colors? That would be something I would do, then my husband would come home and look at me like WTF?

  3. Thanks T! :)

    Thank you Saila! This took way longer than it should have too, was youtubing music videos at the same time lol. Go me!

    Thanks Peach!! I was thinking about it! My stupid eyebrow scar on the other eye annoys me though. I am going to leave this one eye done for when he comes home though hahahah.

  4. Me likey! Makeup is also my friend, especially when it are raining x

  5. :D Thank you! And when mr makeup friend makes us angry we can wash the bugger off our faces! :)

  6. That's a really pretty combo ! And like in food, sometimes the best stuff comes out of a mistake in following the recipe, the white line looks cool !

  7. I like! it looks very clean and the liner looks great. I couldn't get it to look like that if i tried, probably =/

  8. Dude, I would never have known you messed up the eyeliner, it looks like you were totes going for the double winged look!

    I'm totes saving this to my inspo folder, by the way :) The colour combo is so purrty, I may just have to steal it!

  9. I also love playing with makeup when I'm home alone :)

  10. Sprite looks really cool here! I wouldn't have guessed that you messed it up either.

  11. Thanks ladies!!! :) It was so fun!! Even if it was just one eye lol

  12. i like this look alot and i think the pop of white at the end between the liners look great! doesn't look like a mistake at all

  13. Wow, so awesome! You executed the double wing perfectly. I'ma hafta try that sometime! ;)

  14. Thank you Mandy!! :) I got super lucky lol

    Thanks Femputer! You should! It always adds somethin extra :)