Friday, August 27, 2010

Random EOTD's

Oh hai!

I've been very bad with updating because vampires have taken my time away. cant.stop.reading. It's Jeannine Frost's Night Huntress in case ya were wondering.

So here are a few EOTD's. Nothing wonderfabulous and I'll try my darndest to remember what I used.....

Number 1! My attempt at pin up makeup. DO NOT LIKE! I had my false lashes too far away from my lashline and then those damn blank spots in between the lashes were showing hard core so I attempted to pain over it and the liner looked too thick. FRIK!!!

I used:
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk on lid
Lid: SheSpace Stopping Traffic
Crease: either Convicted or Crushed Metal. One didn't work so I went over it with the other
Browbone: Sunflowers and Sugar methinks
Liner: Joe felt liner (IT'S DYING ON ME!!!!)

Number 2!

I wanted a way to use just a bit of red. My brush didn't like this and decided to take over half my lid. Thanks brush. Jerk.

Inner half: AL's Lorelei
Outter half: AL's Helterskelter
Browbone: AL's Oyster

I was too lazy to line, or had to get my ass to work. Either way, this look sucked. :D

TROIS! I wanted to use some MAC. It's crazy how pressed shadows just seem to royally suck ass compared to loose pigments. I used to hate loose ones because I thought they were to messy, but the insane colour payoff is SO WORTH IT! But I guess I shouldn't throw all pressed shadows in the same group. I hear Sugarpill will make you sell your mom to buy it.

I used:
Inner Lid: MAC Flip
Outer half: MAC French Cuff
Crease and lower liner: MAC Henna
Upper liner: Blackline pearlglide INTENSE YO!

Can't even see the difference between Flip and French Cuff :(

4! I forgot what I used and then kinda remembered. Yay for being too lazy to put stuff back! ('twas in my makeup box still!)

Lid: Aromaleigh Tutu
Crease and lower liner: Grace
Browbone: Satin Slippers
funkytastic joe felt liner up top thurrr

See how awesome Grace is though! It looks super green below but buffed to a nice grey with a bit of green when in ze crease. I wish I bought a backup of this one, I can see myself using this one OOODLES!

And what I did today. I didn't have much time but I wanted sparkly!

Lid: Aromaleigh Cookie Party (one of the bestest shadows EVARRR)
No crease cuz NO TIME!
Browbone: Aromaleigh Georgiana
Lower liner: MAC Blackline smushed

Then I saw on the clock I had 2 free minutes! So I shoved some AL Twlight Sparkle powder around my eyes and stuff to be MOAR SPAKLEH!! (oh hullo fur face. Seriously! I'm a girl! Why does I has to have fuzzy lil stupid hairs ON MEH FACE!?)

And this is a neutral look I did but I can't remember a single shade I used other than the Annabelle Cyber Jungle liner. Crap.




Back to vampire-land.......


  1. Errrr you slapper, I like the red look! :D

  2. Cookie Party IS one of the bestest and most prettiestest shadows ever ^^ Plus the name is cute.

  3. I like the first look, despite the eyelash/eyeliner problem.. I really like your choice of soft eyeshadows :)

  4. I really like the second look. The red is really pretty (even if you did end up with more than you wanted).

  5. Thanks Krystal!!

    Thank you Silhouette! That red was like GRR ARG GONNA TAKE OVER!!

    I agree Saila!!! I'd snort it if it didn;t make me look like a loon...

    Thank you Lorraine! I may try again one day.

    Thanks ScrubbingUpWell!! I'm glad I put it up then :) I was gonna skip right past it!

  6. I looove the first one!!! That lid color is really killing me with its gorgeousness :D

  7. I really like the crease color in #1.

  8. Yay!! Looks like the first one is the best one :) That makes me happy then!