Saturday, December 5, 2009


This picture on my Flickr account has more views than any other pic I got on there. 1444 views since May 16 this year so it's just under 7 months old. I'm not sure why the views. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. It's not even that detailed, you mostly see lids and the ones you can see, are just kinda sitting there not doing anything fancy (not that I expect a lip balm to dance and pose or anything...sure I don't..) I even just slapped them on a cardboard box, so no fancy backdrop either.

Here's like link incase you wanna check out the count or help grow it! heh

Some of them I've had since I was 10 ish, more than half my life. You can tell by the odd smells some of them have lol. I just like the purdy lil tubes. I have a set of Barbie ones that I use regularly because I am sad I didn't use these ones more. Candy Confetti, Kaleidoscope Candy, Mint Chocoship and Nilla Mint were my favs and no longer smell like they used to. Chocolate Raspberry was just gross. It came in a plastic candy cane tube that had 3 flavours, the start of the collection!
One year they came out with a 6 piece set in a tin. They were all equally horrible. I think I had a bad batch. They all smelled similar and really were bad. I won't even use them if my lips are super chapped.
The only 2 ones I used up all the way were Peppermint and Cherry. Yup. No weird extra special holiday flavour. Good ol peppermint and a Cherry. I think in my mind it's because I assume you will always be able to get a Peppermint Lip Smacker and a Cherry Lip Smacker but Kaleidoscope Candy is FOREVER! K that didn't make sense :D But you know what I mean!


  1. wow u have so many !!
    im sure u buy all the special edition !lol
    i wanna try their vanilla one but im afraid i might eat it.loll

  2. This brings me back to 5th grade :)

  3. lol i used to collect smackers and then one day when i realised i never used them and i kindof felt sick after trying to lick my lips.. i freaked out and threw every single one away!! :/
    Now i miss them seeing this!!

    Lol your right we have exactly the same eye color!!!

  4. Oh yum! Nice collection! I don't use those anymore which is sad since some of those flavours are awesome. They make my lips peel something awful! :-( So now it's just vanilla mint, cherry or strawberry chapstick!