Saturday, December 5, 2009

The tree is up!

I finally got around to decorating the tree, I had it up for about a week but not decorated. I decided I should do something because we'll only be here for 2 more weeks until we go back home for Christmas.

We had a real tree 4 years ago but my boyfriend didn't like the needles everywhere so I said "Fine, fake tree will be done MY WAY then" and I bought a huge 7.5ft tall WHITE TREE!!! I saw a big white tree on the Anna Nicole show and hers had pink all over it and I thought it would be sweet to have a black and white tree. Then it looked a little odd so red went in as well to create one big kick ass tree! I could have put more ornaments up but I got lazy.

Ornaments just hanging out:

Most of them are from Ikea. I like that right now my living room set and ornaments are all unique here because Winnipeg doesn't have an Ikea yet. Other ornaments from Avon or the Bay or Disney store! (yes I got nightmare before christmas ornaments!)

Tree with flash

Tree with no flash


  1. awwww the tree looks so beautiful without the flash !
    send me a christmas tree!lol

  2. Pretty tree! I've always wanted a black one..or red one!

  3. Wow, that's so pretty, now I want a white tree >_>