Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poker Bear! Vetala Bear? Vetala Strip Poker Bear? Whatevs

I felt the Fyrinnae urge again.

I used Polar Bear (my fav golden hilight shade)
Vetala (from their professional colours, as the main)
Strip Poker (This one would need the pixie epoxy to show he sparkles, I accidently rubbed most of them off )

And Charm for blush but ya can't see that! I hate taking full face work day pictures because I always have my hair pulled back to keep it out of my face and then I end up looking bald.


  1. WOW! I still need Polar Bear, its amazing. I love how soft everything looks.

    I like Poker Bear the best XD It made me lol for real!

  2. Polar Bear is a realllllly pretty gold, I still haven't gotten the full size and my sample is actually running out (a first!) everybody should have one! And I think it's part of their "endangered" collection so part of it goes back to les animaux.

    When I think Poker bear I think of those poker dogs, only way more awesome! lol

  3. Polar bear is definitely an awesome highlight. It looks great. :)