Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Kaleidoscopy awesomeness

I didn't go anywhere today and felt the need to post SOMETHING.

What better than more kaleidoscope pictures?!?

Michelle, owner of blog Ramblings of Purple M (I can't quite figure out how to link anything) was super kind to send me a picture of Aromaleigh shadows she fixed up to be just the shadows (I'm really lousy at explaining things lol) But it was FANTASTIC!

So I played around and this is what I came up with so far:

And here's one I did with my b&w perfume bottle pic!

And here's me just screwing with the program to look all plastic:

Happy New Years and all that jazz :D


  1. Love those! I love playing with Photoshop filters, fun and kinda relaxing.

  2. The only frustrating thing is when someone asks "so how'd you do that" when it took like 30 tries of trial and error lol.

  3. Woahhh I like the one thats has like 50million colors. haha

  4. lol, I spent all day just playing around with them, I had nothing else to do and I'm a colour junkie anyway so it was fun :D