Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Rushed Christmas Day Eotd

Bah! I felt super rushed to get all makeup-a-tized and actually took longer but you can't really tell. I only have 1 good shot (being rushed I wasn't able to snap many pictures finding a good one)


Anyways, I used all Stardust Cosmetics. If I say any of the colours wrong, it's because I stuck them back in the train case before properly remembering them :(

Main lid: Candlit Kisses
Inner Corner: Ribbons & Bows
Crease: Caroller's Breath
On top crease: Fall's Farewell for sparkle
Colour just below highlight: Toast at Midnight
Highlight: Cashmere Mittens
Lower lash line: Holiday Delight
Eyeliner is Urban Decay Zero

Blush was Melt the Snow with Winter's Kiss on top.

Being rushed I messed up a bunch and had to go over places with different colours to try to fix it and ended up taking way longer than normal. I should have planned it the day before.

Lesson learned!

I included a picture of the scaredy cat, hiding from all the xmas chaos.


  1. I woulda made 'em wait! The colours you used are very pretty. Too bad you don't have more pics to share!

  2. Aw, I hate being rushed when I'm doing makeup, especially for a holiday! I love how you used the colors, they look amazing! I'm pretty obsessed with the Winter collection from Stardust!

  3. :)
    Thank ya! I had like 3 more pics but they were uber blurry. So I filled in the space with kitteh pic! lol

  4. Haha you should ALWAYS fill in space with kitteh piccies!! They make me smile XD Cats hate them some Christmas!

  5. hahaha Awesome, I have a pic of her barely waiting for me to take her toys off the cardboard back piece. She didn't care, just kept head butting it. Silly feline

  6. I need to grab Candlelit Kisses if they still have it when I get my next paycheck... My cat hides under the christmas tree. teehee xP