Friday, December 4, 2009


I got my Aromaleigh Holiday Blast collection (I was a dope and forgot to wait a week for them to go on sale and grabbed the whole set :s )

I was super duper excited to see Champagne Toast in real life. Did anyone else ask themselves why on earth is the name Champagne Toast, like soggy toast? It took me 3 weeks to have it click in my head that it meant clicking glasses!

Anyways, long blonde moment passed, and I swiped them on my hands to check out the sparkley goodness and WOW! The one that jumped out the most for me was Cookie Party so that's the colour I used today along with High Heels I believe, Champagne Toast to highlight and Times Square under eyes.

I want to try to grab a second Cookie Party before they are all gone.

FBFAN15 to get 15% off until December 10th. I want to grab a bunch of the lesser loved Spring Solstice next week when they are on sale before Miss K completely discontinues some I may end up loving (ex, Tansy, not doing so good on the poll)

PATIENCE! I don't think I waited to get my L'Orchidees on sale either. I am a complete compulsive shopper. This time I shall wait. Painfully, painfully wait.


  1. You are too funny! I always try to wait until the sales...but sometimes I just can't!

    And the whole "champagne toast" thing...I couldn't understand it either!! You totally made me smack my head XD

    Cookie Party looks gorgeously glam on you!

  2. Thank you :)
    I told a lady at work the champagne toast thing too and she didn't understand the name either! So at least we aren't the only 2 lol

  3. I didn't get it either until you said it... XD