Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Archetype has arrived...

...4.5 months later.

I wasn't expecting a package at all so it was a very nice surprise to get it, a stardust package and a meow package all at once!

Check out the dates... Half a baby was made in the world somewhere at the rate it took to arrive...

I just went through my sample baggy binder to take out the ones that I bought full sizes of but that didn't clear much room at all. Must.get.more.hockey.card.dividers!

I was going to do a Meow look today but the Archetype ones jumped out at me first. I hate to say it, but some of these colours are worth waiting for. That's the only time I'll say it!

With my red hair, I wanted to do a neat greenish blue look but it came out more blue.

I used:
Daybreak Aeval inner 3rd of lid
Twilight Aeval middle of lid
Midnight Aeval outer 3rd, crease (all 3 of these remind me of L J Smith's Night world books, Circle daybreak, circle twilight, circle midnight... yeah I'm lame)
Verre De Soie hilight
Limp to line lower lashline

And this is what I ended up with (much more blue than I wanted, maybe should have skipped Twilight and just used Daybreak)

Still not sure if I'd be willing to wait another 4.5 months for a second order. Some very cool colours but 4.5 months? Seriously? It took a month to charge my card, and 4 more to ship it. 2 more weeks to get it (okay that one doesn't count, post office fault.) Do orders of full sized products get shipped out first and we get shoved to the back of the line?


  1. I LOVE the Aeval colours. Some of my fav from Archetype! Dang! I got my order from them in 3 weeks...sheesh. I'm afraid to order again after hearing everyone's stories about how long it takes. No fun.
    Lovely look you put together. :-)

  2. Thank you :) Did you order any full sizes at all? I'm thinking mine got bumped because there were so many and only sample sizes.

  3. Dang, I still haven't gotten mine and I made my order in March. I pretty much gave up on them. But I'm glad you had better(ish) luck with them. :) The colors are purty!

  4. woah! In that time an ENTIRE human was made! (I dunno why I keep comparing time in baby time, too many cousins and friends having lots o kids I guess lol)

  5. Haha, that baby will be 100 before I get my order! Or even an email response! Crazy babies.

  6. I agree the colors are beautiful, but I rarely use them because I don't *want* to like them!! I think their customer service is SOOO shitty (can I say shitty on here? Well, I did!) that I won't order again. 4 1/2 months is NOT okay. Come on. Lame.

    PS...Baby time is awesome!

  7. You can say whatever words ya want lol. My dads a towtruck driver, and I got 2 mouthy brothers, there's not a bad word I haven't heard or probably muttered before :D

    I'll just have to try my hardest to keep them in the bag and remind myself, 4.5 MONTHS OF MADNESS!
    And I can't chuck 'em. That's just crazy speak.

  8. I ordered only 3 full sizes...and *ahem* over 100 samples. C'mon! They're only 25 cents! I got replies to my emails and got it quickly compared to others. Not sure why. Maybe they weren't getting many orders at that time. Have no idea.
    Dang Lisa Kate is such a potty mouth! Hee hee! :-P

  9. My order was samples only, and after two months they didn't send me anything. And of course if one pays via PP, the charge hits immediately. (Even so, they legally should not have charged your card until the product had actually been shipped.)

    Over 100 samples...maybe our respective orders just weren't large enough, BLIX? :D

  10. It took my order 4 months to arrive too (full sizes). never again

  11. My orders have taken different amounts of time but they have all arrived - and yes, I have some full sizes. Holly is just incredibly disorganized and probably won't change.