Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas/general vacation goodies!

My EOTD's have sucked bawls lately so I'll do a "schtuff I gots for xmas" post and "Other goodies I've snagged" as well.

And see what a happy cat looks like at the end.

For Christmas this year (Christmas gets capitalized right? Do we capitalize Labour Day and such too? I don't know) I got a lot of stuff I really wanted but was too lame to buy myself. I should scrapbook this too. I have so much Christmas paper and no pictures printed to finish them off.

My Mom and Dad got me:

The Legendary Starfy for Nintendo DS. Haven't played yet though, I left my DS at home :(
The Tudors S03. More Jonathan Rhys Meyers!
Corpse Bride ornaments. I almost bought these many times.
Kings & Queens mini shower gels. Nefertiti Honey and Carmilla Cinnamon Orange are the best from the set. Travel size however, the lids do leak. Last time I had these in my carry-on (my first set, not this one) and the orange one spilled all over the inside. Good thing these are in a zip bag!

From my doode:
Conair hair dryer with diffuser (I've been wanting a difuser for SO LONG, and this is exactly the one I was looking for. It has a rim around it to keep my hair in, not just the finger-y bits)
The Sims 3 Collectors Edition with 2GB memory stick! YES! I see everything in grid form now. And think of ways to change my clothing into different patterns and colours. Thanks Sim generator.
1TB Hard drive for macbook for my *cough* borrowed *cough* movies/music/shows and pics. It's for a macbook because my PC crapped out on me and I was using my guys computer instead. (We live together so it's not hassle-y)
Wallace and Gromit A Matter of Loaf and Death movie (loved Curse of the Ware Rabbit!)
Blood Lite book. A bunch of short stories with the supernatural theme.
Another chunk of Lush Coal Face. I think I'm set for the year now :)

From older Bro:
Lush 12 Days of Christmas giftset. This smelled SO FANTASTIC before I even cracked it open. It had a mix of their xmas stuff in it. The only ones I had already was the Candy Cane bubble bar and the Christmas Eve bubbly bar. On boxing day I grabbed more Cinders bath bombs (the best bomb I've smelled yet) and the matching perfume (along with the candy fluff perfume, can't say no to that ever)
Picture yoinked from Lush. Inside the box has like 300 packing foamies in it and is too hard to repack twice in one week.

From lil bro:
Mac Do-the-Trick Buff and Line brush set. It had mini brushes 168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE. I've been wanting a skunk brush for so long and with the rest of the brushes, this set looked like it was the one I'd get the most use out of.
The Bay beauty VIP cards. $10 off $50 once a month for a year on cosmetics and fragrances. I don't like that they start with December. Most people will get these as xmas gifts leaving them with less than a week to use one! I'm too broke to use it this month anyway :)

HP laptop to play my new Sims game. Okay so this was a little excessive. My PC died and I can't stand the macbook (but am missing the auto spell check right now) and I was at Best Buy. I was going to get a new computer eventually, just didn't know I'd get it the day after Christmas.
This lil guy was $120 off and wasn't that pricey to begin with so I had to get it!
I've already lost many hours to the Sims this week.
EXCELLENT purchase :D

And I was at Winners again and saw an Ecotools brush set for $19. YOINK. The eyeshadow brush in the set is AWESOME. It holds the shadow and it doesn't get lost in the bristles because they are so packed together. The blush brush is nice too. I'll use it for my cheek highlighters. Eyeliner brush good too. My other one is thisclose to being useless now. Pic has new MAC brushes in it as well. I'm not used to having this many!

AND, other than copious amounts of sale holiday chocolate, I went back to the store to grab some Milani glosses. I didn't have to pay the extra 7% PST being in Alberta so I had to get them. Yup. Just HAD to.
A little disappointed that I couldn't really see a colour difference on my lips. I may have to see in other light when I get home and can play around.

I apologize now for spelling errors. I was good at not making them in school, but chat has FUCKED that up royally. And I don't have that handy dandy auto spell check however, that got annoying whenever I spelled "colour" and "eyeshadow".

And now, for the promised happy kitteh face



  1. eeek nice goodies !!
    want that ecotools brush holder

  2. That's some sweet, sweet stuff you got there! And cutie kitty!

  3. Thanks! I can't even pick a fav item, they all kick butt to me :D

    I like kitteh's evil EYES!