Thursday, December 17, 2009

The start of madness!

This may bore you. You can skip to the EOTD if ya want :)

This is the story of how I can to be the makeup junkie I am today.

A couple of years ago the only coloured eyeshadow I owned was a L'Oreal quad (Enchanted Bouquet, before they changed the formula and added crappy filler filled crappy to see pinks and browns. I'll take a picture one day!) and an Allmay Brown eyes trio and a bunch of random eyeliners (they were the easiest to add a bit of colour to the eyes) Why this boring story?
That's just it! BORING. I knew there was other stuff out there but I was too big a chicken to wear any of it.

One day I was googling these cute barbie purses I saw in the newspaper. I didn't find any info but I saw a youtube video by Lauren Luke AKA Panacea81. She did such a cute "Barbie Loves Mac" look with pinks and greens. I loved the combo and watched so many more of her videos (also loved her paramore inspired look) and decided, I wanted to wear something different too. I was too late to see any of the MAC collection when it came out, I wasn't in to makeup at that time.

I saw, watching other videos, that people were using NYX a lot (especially that Milk Jumbo eye pencil) so I took a trip to a Rexall and grabbed a trio (the one with the mac paradisco dupe tropical, green and a yellow), some eyeliners and a single (Kiwi). That's where the nuttiness began! NYX had so many colours! The only downside, the Rexall only carried a select few items and a lot of it was opened (they didn't have testers so people put their grubby fingers all over it.)

From there I bought a few MAC shadows and was more daring with the bright, unusual retail store colours until this summer.

I found indie makeup companies! Every colour of the rainbow is available and the best part? You can sample most of everything! The first company I tried was Fyrinnae. They were the guys that introduced me to the world of online makeup! If my experience was bad I might have been turned off from the start but they showed me that they were very caring of their customers and they just generally seemed to want to make the customer happy (unlike that cold feeing you can get walking into a Sephora). From Fyrinnae I saw Aromaleigh, then Meow cosmetics, then Lime Crime (please note, I will never buy anything more from them ever. This is my opinion and I can JUST SAY NO, if I want to. Also shows you NEED to research before purchasing) then Beauty from the earth, The she space, and Stardust cosmetics. There are many more, but these are just the companies I've tried so far.

I like that for $1-$2 you can get an eyeshadow that will last a long time without having to pay $17 for one mac shadow that you may never use all the way up.

I'll mostly just buy eyeshadows and a blush every now and then. I have a ton of lip glosses but I don't wear them very much (always have a pen in my mouth, it'll come right off) and it has to be an odd colour for me to want it lately.

It's kind of weird that if I wasn't looking for that stupid little barbie purse I may never have had the hobby I have now...

There. I documented it for when the dudes in white jackets and clipboards come to take me away to that soft padded room :)

Time to post my eotd!


  1. I really like this! It's cool to hear what got other people started with their obsessions, teehee. I think I'll post mine. Gaahh quit inspiring me today jeez!

  2. My story is similar: from just a few little palettes to a few pots of BE from Sephora, to BE from the 'bay, to indie companies (first a little company I discovered on the 'bay, no less), to the ginormous frightening hoard I have now :D

  3. Yay! I'm just happy this all was read :) I didn't do it for nothin'! And Ginormous frightening hoards are AWESOME!