Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rainbow-y goodness!

What do you do when you borrow your moms photoshop, on vacation, and have nothing to do?
You photoshop the hell out of everything! I found a cool Kaleidoscope feature on this Corel photoshop and thought it would be pretty kick ass to kaleidoscope colourful pictures. And what's more colourful than eyeshadow swatches from Meow and Aromaleigh?


Here's the extent of my boredom. And now my new desktop backgrounds running on a loop (thanks windows 7!!)

Please nobody steal my boredom and take credit for them. I will call on the karma gods to beat you to a pulp. And with that, enjoy! :D


  1. "call on the karma Gods" ha ha ha! That is funny. And these are pretty! I use photoshop all the time...I don't think this is on mine!!!
    I don't know if I would have noticed these were eyeshadows...although I can see the "A" in some of them. Hee hee.

  2. Haha you are too cute! I love these, I might actually steal one for my desktop background (but I will tell my hubby you made them so the karma Gods won't kick my ass) x.x

  3. lol, I don't think they would kick your ass for that :D

    I can't quite get them to centre right as my background. For some reason it stretches them even though I set them to centre. Oh well, even stretched they look super duper :)

    Blix: Is the photoshop you have the adobe one? I used a photoshop I haven't heard of called Corel. It doesn't have a bunch of the tools I liked in adobe so hopefully I can get that one too and use both! Then I will RULE THE WORLD!

    Or atleast have wicked cool pictures lol