Thursday, December 10, 2009

That Unicorn's Fate is a Spell!

Okay that title is lame.

Here be my TODAY look! I used Meow Cosmetics in Spell (Friday 13) Fate (Friday 13) in crease and Aromaleigh's Unicorn to hilight. Meow's Coffin to line. Unicorn in my opinion was the perfect shade to use to break up the blues, while still being matchy because of the blue iridescence on top of that pale yellow. I actually really liked this look today. It makes up for my many fails this week.

If it looks like a whorey blue look, thats okay, because it's a KICK ASS WHOREY BLUE LOOK!


And for that reason it gets 2 PICS!

Reading time again. CIAO!


  1. I really like Spell with Fate! I'll have to try a silver-blue look soon.

  2. damn my first comment got lost. It was so funny too. Something about "whore blue".

    Oh well, you look amazing in this! I love how you used Unicorn, it totally makes the colors pop!

  3. I hardly ever post my EOTD's on the mmu companies forums because I usually don't use all one brand, I almost got an "all meow" look but that Unicorn was looking all innocent and yellow and I remembered, IT'S TOTALLY GOT BLUE IN IT!
    It's a lil whore waiting to get out lol