Thursday, December 10, 2009

Glowing Luna, 2 fails in 1 week

BAH! No luck this week. This look was Wednesday's look. I have to learn, if I'm going to use light colours, I HAVE to use eyeliner. These pale colours on my mixed race face skin make me look like I got the hiney flu.
I liked the purple and green shades from Lisa Kate's Tuesday blog EOTD and I wanted to try it too! I didn't have the same colours so I used my Les Papillons in Glowing Luna and Ephmeral Violet, Air & Light to hilight.
I gotta learn to not get inspired by anything because I'm just going to screw it up anyways lol.


  1. Nooo! No fail! This looks gorgeous! I love Glowing Luna on you! At least your 'mixed race face skin' (which sort of rhymes and made me giggle a tiny bit) shows color on it!! Glowing Luna completely disappears on me cause I'm all pasty!

  2. I don't think this looks bad. I think it's a nice showing!!

  3. lol Thank you gals! I'll keep trying to tell myself it kinda worked so I don't delete it :D