Monday, December 21, 2009

Meow Merry Mayhem

Today I wanted to try the same method as I did in my Barbie Loves Aromaleigh look last week, and I wanted to wear yellow today so I decided on Meow Cosmetics' Merry Mayhem collection.
Today was also the last day to use the discount coupons to order the holiday collections. I had 30 in my cart and decided to swatch just to make sure.....Mistake, ended up with 14 more instead . Whooooopsie.

I think I'm done buying makeup for a bit (unless I crack, and order some Fyrinnae-y goodness... Still don't have any lip lustres!)

Also I went to shoppers drug mart to see my mom and the cosmeticians there kept complimenting my makeup before they even knew my momma worked there :D

All in all I don't think I did too shabby, so it gets lots of pics! And my kitteh luffs the hugs. Not really...

I used:
lid: Star
Crease: Snowangel
Upper crease: (12 pains) Party Crashers
Hilight: Nice

Blush: Avon Star Glo

Lips: Annabelle Iced Ginger

Kinda spaced out looking....

SYDNEY LYKS DA INVASHUN, she jus doesn't knowz it yet!

My crappy attempt at an orange helmet. Syd is pleased.


  1. My cats would hate me if I did that! You look lovely. :-)

  2. Thank you :D She wasn't very happy with me. I think she was too sleepy to fight back

  3. This is very pretty! I love messing with my cat xD

  4. Aw, kitty.
    This is a really purty look! I like that green, especially.

  5. I love this!! Star looks great with the blue!

    And your cat looks very disappointed in you. Shame. (But that IS the best orange hat I've ever seen!!!)

  6. lol, Thanks ladies, I think I should have picked a bigger orange. They aren't as easy as it seems! I tried to make "eyebrows" but her fur kinda blocked the view