Friday, December 11, 2009



I got my Aromaleigh package and I was thinking to myself it had to be one of the least pricey ones I've made from there in awhile. I opened the little ziplock and was kinda bummed that I ordered a second Fabclub still (my last order I ordered it and forgot.) It's a really pretty pink but at the rate I go through eyeshadows, these will now last me until I'm maybe 136 give or take 10 years.
And to top it off I heard rattling and thought "oh great, the sifter is broken" and I carefully opened it up and, BAMMO! Little pink sparkly prettiness was waiting for me!

I couldn't remember what $ amount that meant so I automatically thought "Saweeeeet, free shipping! $10!" But nope! It's $25!
SPRING SOLSTICE I WILL HAVE YOU! Well, most of you eventually but this will definitely help my broke buns.

Here is the Aromaleigh info>>>

And my gem!!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I bought another 8 full-sizes in my last order and got no gems x]

    Congraaaats! <3

  2. aww :( There's still hope I think! Hopefully those Angel colours get freed soon for you to place another order and you get one then!

  3. That's amazing!!! So exciting!! You are going to have to start wearing pink shadow every day for the next 10 years, k?

  4. I completely would but my other eyeshadows would get jealous and start fighting. I would have to take away their wii privileges. Bed time for me, I'm getting to insane.

  5. So awesome! I haven't purchased anything from aromaleigh in a while so no gems for me!