Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mantis in Atlantis EOTD

I'm losing hard core but vote me and make me smile! :)

And to the makeuppy bits.

I had to meet with some jagged torture instruments wielded by a heartless harpy on acid, AKA the dentist. Well not really, she was cool, but it still felt like I should have told her to rip them all out so I don't have to come back for the 6 month check up. What does this have to do with makeup? I don't know, just thought I'd share :)

On to the makeuppy bits for realzies.

I used a shade I've been freakin dying to use since I saw it's gloriousness pop up online. ATLANTIS! Last year when I found Meow I only ordered 3 samples from the Caribbean collection but since blogging and buying copious amounts of powdery awesome, I've been looking at trying new colours. Although the description for this one says "gold" right in it, I must have had a brain fart when picking only 3 and none of them were Atlantis.

How darest I shun the gold!

I used:

Lid: Atlantis
Crease: Mantis (hah! Mantis in Atlantis! KYOOT!)
More crease darkening action and lower liner: Boa
Upper liner: Joe Fresh felt liner (when this runs out and my damn store doesn't ever get new stock I am going to cry my eyeballs out. Out of my head. Think about it.)
Browbone: Pink Sand

Blush: Soka
On top blush: Chameleon glow powder

Lips: Avon Nude gloss stuff

It looked more vivid in actual non internet land. Of course. A horse.

And not makeup related, you need to read Christopher Moore's Fool. It's hilarious! Kind of offensive to some I guess, but I have brothers. I'm used to offensive. If Mr Moore wasn't as old as my dad I'd totally profess my love to him. BUT ALAS. Twas not to be.

That's what my shadows were sitting on in the product shot, my ugly red blankey makes a horrible background. Use a book! :)

ummmmm. What else can I say today.... The bus is still gross. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


  1. I love those colours together and they look gorgeous on you. :)

  2. Very nice look on you - the gold does so much for your eyes and the blending is great!

  3. Shimmery colours always go so well with your dark eye colour, love the look !
    Voted for you by the way x good luck x

  4. Thank you VampiressDoll :)

    Thanks Marcey, I luvs me gold! lol

    Thank you Lorraine! I probably won't win anything but it's fun to get votes! :D

  5. Omg you are such a bad gold-enabler :( NEEDZ IT NAO.

  6. You are the queen of soft, sweet looks! Always looks perfect!

    Hee hee I may have to look into this book. Offensive is good sometimes. I have a large family of 6 kids...we all make sailors cringe. XD I try to be polite on my bloggy tho. Not everyone appreciates vulgar humor!

  7. teeheeee ms dazzlerpantaloons! EVERBODDEH NEEDS GOLD!

    Thanks Blix! and 6 KIDS! Holy moley!! I bet you guys were never bored lol

  8. Those make a beautiful combination! I really do love gold shades.