Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Even on Xmas Eve Eve, my crazy ass can't pass up deals pour moi!

My skin sucks ass so I wanted to try the "Perfect Skin" vitamins from the drug store. I bought the 120 bottle because my mom got a small discount, it was like buying the smaller bottle and getting twice as much. I bought 2 because I live 2 provinces over and didn't want to pay an extra 7% on $90 worth of effing vitamins! (and couldn't get my "mommy" discount either)
I want to try these (have to remember to take 2, 2x a day with food) and see if they help clear my skin. On my full face pictures you can probably see the zit bumps that I've tried to hide under makeup. I know makeup doesn't help it, but I'd rather not have big ol red bumps showing to the world.

I will also be using Lush's Coalface soap. I've used it before and it worked wonders. My problem is remembering to use it twice a day (I'm bad at remembering to wash my face at night. I know that is a huge no no.)

AND! I will be combining those 2 with Lush's Dark Angels scrub. I haven't used this scrub before then. I tried Herbalism but it felt greasy on me somehow. Dark Angels is odd. I liked that it looked like a scrubbier version of Coalface. It didn't smell as good though. It's made of charcoal like coalface but this one has a weird after-smell, like someone breathing in your face with bad ketosis breath.

I will be swapping my Olay spf lotion with the Body Shop's Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15. Last year when I looked for this I couldn't find it with both SPF AND Mattifier. Today I got VERY lucky. Everything in the store with the exception on gift sets was 3/$30. EVERYTHING! I could have mixed and matched but these babies are $18 apiece so screw trying other things I want THIS! And saved $24 until next year's super awesome sale. They are 50ml bottles so quite pricey for $18. But feasible for $10!

Hopefully this fixes my shart skin.

Also since I've been on holidays I grabbed 3 super cool Bourgois eyeliners (Including my FAVOURITE that I thought was disc, METALISSE BLEU CINQUANT! Now I can wear is as much as I want knowing where the hell to get it.)

I grabbed some more Konad image plates. Not sure my grand total so far. I grabbed M69, 70, 71, 73 and 74. They were buy 4 get one free. Can't say no to that not can we!?!1

AND The last thing I bought so far is a crappy Luna Twilight Rosalie Palette.
EOTD to follow.....


  1. nice haul!!
    crappy luna twilight palette?crappy as in sucks?hehe

  2. My skin sucks ass too. I used to use so many different acne products (proactiv, clearasil, clean & clear etc.) but it all seemed to make it worse. Now I only wash my face once a day, before I go to bed and prime my face for makeup in the morning. I use a micro-scrub every other day and a mask. That's pretty much it. It's cleared up a lot since I quit treating my skin like I have acne. But there still are some products I can't use or I'll break out like a pizza. Ew!
    Let us know how the vitamins do and the progress of your skin! I really wanna knows!
    I haven't noticed any bumpies on ya either...but there are on mine fo sho!

  3. I tried that Clearasil ultra at one point and it worked but dried my face out so bad even my forehead peeled and thats my most oily part of my face!
    I will try my scrub every other day then. I wasn't totally sure how often to use it.

    I'm going to try the vitamins in the new year once I get back to work (much easier to work it all into a routine)

    If it goes well I might even do a bare face shot :o

  4. Yeah, that was my problem with acne stuff. It dried my skin out, turned red, became super sensitive, peeled and even cracked! Was horrible. I'd rather have zits all over my face with soft skin than have clear skin with painful redness and peeling.
    Good luck and you are one brave woman to do a bare face shot!