Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catch-up Saturday's Look GOLD

This one didn't turn out as great as I wanted.
The shade of gold wasn't quite what I was wanting. I was inspired by the gold eye look on The Gloss Goss blog.
I think I used Stardust in Ribbons & Bows but it was too dark for what I wanted to I went over it in a gold shade from Meow (I have so many I can't remember the exact one now :( but it wasn't right either. I used Stardust Equinox on the crease and tried to foil TSS Zelda's Revenge as the eyeliner. I should have used Meow's Coffin eyeliner. Ya just can't lose with that one!
It came out all wrong but whatevs! It's just makeup and if people on the street didn't like it too bad they don't have to looks at me :D (that "s" at the end of look was a typo but it's totally something I'd say so it STAYS!) hah!
Back to crazy town for me. Not the crappy band.


  1. Haha you make me laugh so hard! I totally love this on you! You look all Cleopatra-y! I can't really wear gold (something about the freckles/red hair) but I envy everyone who can!

  2. hahahah, Thank you! My brain is just really ramble-y sometimes. It's awesome that you mention Cleopatra, because the Meow gold was from the Egyptian Treasures line :D