Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alyasis Nymph

I wanted to wear some neutrals to actually blend in with the crowd today. My skin is still plotting against me and the last thing I want are people staring at my craptastic skin.

Except for you lovlies :)

Here's the hell it's currently putting me through, spots, blotchiness, shinyness that won't seem to go away even with powder. DAMMIT.

And I think it looks even worse that I forgot to do my hair before taking pictures lol.

But here's what I did with Morgana Minerals:


Main Alyasis
Crease and up to the thickest part of my brow: Nymph
Highlight: Glowing Pearl
Eyeliner: UD Zero with bodyshop glitter crap to make the wing (I didn't want to sharpen zero yet and waste any, it's so small to start with!)
Lash Styletto mascara

Cheeks: MAC FadDabulous MSF
Claire's "bronzer" yellow shimmer on top for more shiny :)

Lips: Avon Sparkling Warm Rose

Most of the single eyes seen here turned out better than my usual picture taking technique so of course I had to include them :) I was sitting further away from my window and had the camera zoomed in a bit and took a shot and loved how the colour was shown so accurate so I snapped a few more.
And sorry for the scary full face shot :s


  1. Looks so lovely! I wish I could draw my lines like you. I can has your liner skillz?

  2. :) U can has! I stopped pulling at my eyes like I used to (wrinkles scare me lol) so I just take the pencil with my eye still open and just trace the lash line. The edges are the hardest part, the skin is less tight there so if I'm not careful I can screw it up royally. And I find this way, the line is much thinner than if I full out pulled and lined. But if I'm in a rush I'll still do the no no and stretch my eye hahahah

  3. I has wrinkly outer corners. The liner stops and smudges there. Damnit.

  4. Mine too :( That's why if my eyes are almost closed the liner doesn't look so prefect anymore, especially my right eye. Stupid eye skin. BEHAVE EYE SKIN BEHAVE!

  5. I want you liner skills too! Saila and me, the jealous Finns, lol :D

    But seriously, I love the eyeshadow colors here. They're subtle and neutral but not boring at all!

  6. Hi Sagu! lol thank you :) I have to be careful with my Alyasis sample, it's no longer on the website :(

  7. Alyasis is HOT. I dont have a shade quite like it.

    You're living in my world now ;D the main reason I dont take full face shots is because my chin is a battlefield

  8. Hi Silhouette! You just got that "Love is a Battlefield" song stuck in my head hahahah