Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nico Venom

Well since Nico is so kick ass yellow, I had to wear it again. You did not read wrong, the same shade TWICE IN A ROW! Holy crap! I don't even wear the same shade twice in a month let alone one day after another!

Something said to pair it with green. It may have worked if I didn't accidently give myself damn SUNBURNED LOOKING CHEEKS! lol


I started playing with my Meow Cosmetics Crystalline cat glow powders, yesterday's idea worked awesome, today's...well...not so much :D


Aromaleigh Nico main lid
Aromaleigh Venom crease
Aromaleigh Daphne highlight
Bourjois metallise bleu clinquant eyeliner
rimmel mascara

MAC Ripe Peach blush ombre
Meow glow powder in Topaz, I didn't realize it would be sooooo orange, I thought it was just an orange shimmer. I was very wrong. Oh well, it's makeup and at the end of the day, ya wash ya face! :)

Aromaleigh Loveonyourside
MAC Hello Kitty Nice to be Nice lipglass

If only I could wear a blue filter on my face all day...


  1. I love that lip colour on you, it's really lovely.

    You don't look too Tangoed... Definitely a little bit though... Eeek. Ah well, we live and we learn...

  2. This is so tropical looking ;D

    And dude, you dont look sunburnt!

  3. I'd take one of those blue filters as well!

    That lipstick is amazing. And I don't think your cheeks look sunburned at all D=

  4. Very pretty! I love the lip colour on you. I ain't gonna lie, you do look a bit orange but not terribly!

  5. Hey RaeRae, thank you! When I got to work I even attempted to wipe some off, but the stuff was like a sharpie on meh face!

    Hiya Silhouette, Thanks lady :D

    Hi Simone, Thank you :) I keep wanting to buy the new orange mac lipglass but have to remind myself, I got this kick ass one already and it has sparkles! :D

    Hi Lillian! Thanks! As long as I didn't look like a total victim lol

  6. I love that lipcolor on you! And the blush as well, I don't think it looks bad at all. Oranges look really good on you, so jealousss