Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nico's Lookin For a Kiss

No, not Niko Bellic!

I wanted to wear this neato yellow I got a sample of from Aromaleigh. It's yellow but it's got a bit of orange in it.

I did:

Main: Nico
Crease: Lookinforakiss
Highlight: Daphne
Eyeliner: UD Zero
Rimmel mascara

Blush: Corset
Blush highlight: Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat Glow in Morganite for more shimmer

Lips: Blankgeneration

I cropped the hell out of it because I was having a "big forehead day" and my cheekbones looked extra cheekbone-y. Yeah everyday the forehead will be this massive but it felt bigger today lol.


  1. Gorgeous! I love Nico it's a lovely color.

  2. Mmmm pretty and springy!

  3. Oooh beautiful! Nico's gorgeous.

  4. Thank you everyone :) This one is definitely going on my full size jar wish list. It's not like the other yellows I have, there's something darkening it a bit. Lurvelylyllylyyyy lol

  5. HOTTTTT. Ima steal it :)

    Neato reminded me of Dead Like Me - I think George has a moment where she says it, and then in her brain shes like OMG WHO SAYS NEATO D:

  6. This makes me think of pink lemonade! Really pretty! I always have a huge forehead...I'm like an alien!

  7. Hi Silhouette! Man I miss that show. 2 seasons was not gud ENUFF!

    Heya Blix! Thank you! We can be big forehead twins (teehee I typed "bug" at first)