Saturday, March 13, 2010


Checking mah emails last night the lurvely Silhouette Screams nominated me for some blog awards! Heck yeah! Thanks lady!! :)

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4. Share 7 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself.
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7 "Interesting" Facts About Me:

1. Before I was makeup crazy, I was perfume crazy. I hate b/o and anything stinky so perfume is wonderful. I'd stalk ebay looking for decants and roll ons and little sample vials of scents. I have too many bottles to ever go through in a lifetime and they will go bad before I ever finish one. I'll still buy more. Fruits and Passion's The (accent on the "e") Vert is what's up next! When I was little we had a National Geographic that had a section on "scent" and there was a scratch and sniff of Napoleon's cologne and Cleopatra's perfume. It doesn't smell anymore :(

2. I hate coffee. Being Dutch I'm apparently supposed to be pumping this junk into my veins but I can't stand it. In grade 7 we went on a fish rescue mission and they didn't have anything for a bunch of 12 yr olds to drink but coffee and hot chocolate with marshmallow powder mix. We were all so thirsty so we were scooping the powder like crazy and adding half a cup of coffee to it. Gross!

3. I love the X-Files and before the dvds were out, Space channel used to play the episodes in order and I'd tape them on VHS. My dad even gave me blank tapes for Christmas that year :) I would also tape music videos. Those I could forget. It was mostly Spice Girls, Sarah McLaughlin, Our Lady Peace and Hanson videos hahahah.

4. My bookcase has no sense of order to it. On it you will find my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, next to my book of Executions. American Psycho next to the Spiderwick Chronicles. Human Sacrifice next to Coraline. I really do need to go through it to look less crazy.

5. I'd rather watch my favourite shows on DVD. I like buying the entire thing in 1 shot (although when Buffy came out I was very sad, I spent years working on that collection and for $200 they brought them all out IN ONE BOX!) Sometimes I wish shows would just end already so I can buy the whole thing.

6. The only werewolf related anything I'll be interested in is Ginger Snaps or Underworld. Everything else sucks. Ginger Snaps 2 is also awesome. Part 3, not so much. All these books are popping up with werewolves in them. What's so hot about a hairy dude who slobbers in the full moon? NADA That's what!

7. I like lists and have since I was younger. When I was 10 or 11 I even wrote down all the books I read that year because I would take out 15-20 books at a time at the library and kept taking out one's I've already read. The list helped me keep track. Lists = awesome. It also helped me keep track of one's I wanted to read again. I wish I could find it though, there were a couple that I loved and can't remember the titles. One was about these kids in a room or someplace, completely shut off from the world and they even talked different because there was nobody to teach them otherwise. I don't remember what happened, so I'd like to find it and read it again. Also if you like sci that's not too complex and confusing and easy to read, try to find Violet Eyes and Silver eyes both by Nicole Luiken. Just don't read the review on Amazon or it completely ruins the story. Thanks Amazon, for being a jackass.

I dunno if these could all be classified as "interesting" but I had fun thinking back :D

And now! I shall nominate (for all 3 cuz I'm taking the easy way out too and these peeps are probably already nominated to DOUBLE TAG, YOU'RE IT :D )

1. Lisa Kate from Sparkle is my Crack!
2. BLIX from Glitter is my Crack
3. Bebo!
4. VampiressDoll from Bleeding Beauty
5. Heather from Eyeconic
6. Nea from Fashioned in Finland
7. Lilian from Funny Face's Place

I read a ton of blogs so if I didn't pick you, it doesn't mean I don't love you to bits and pieces. This actually took me about 2 hours to do because I got distracted by the Repo Men movie.

SRSLY?! What was wrong with Repo! The Genetic Opera other than people who hate musicals would hate it? I quite love the Testify song. And Zydrate Anatomy, even if it does have craptastic Paris Hilton singing in it.

I'm forgetting something. Crap. :(




    I've decided Im just going to wait for LOST to be over then get the last couple of seasons on dvd, watch them all in a few days and have a braingasm. I keep forgetting when its on and now its impossible for me to catch up :(

  2. We have a ton of similar interests :) I am so obsessed with X Files. I know I am going to sob when I get through with it all because I love it so much. I have seasons 8 and 9 sitting here unopened at my house for me to watch. Thank god my boyfriend has all the seasons! And we got the last 4 on sale for $15 each! I have just started Buffy, and I love it. :D

    I used to have a scent obsession as well, I spent around $300 one year on Bath and Body Works- this was when I was like, 13, so I don't know where the hell I got the money for that. Now they kind of piss me off because I can't find the perfect perfume for me. I love some Haus of Gloi scents though.

    I love Ginger Snaps, and Coraline... the new Wolfman movie was SO BAD. I think Ginger Snaps is the only werewolf stuff I can ever really love.

    There is a blog I follow called the secret society of list addicts, have you seen it? You can email them and submit your own random lists, I think. I love reading lists.

    there's your novel for the day ;)

  3. Hi Silhouette! I've never seen Lost, my mom used to watch it but I don't know a single thing about it other than it's on an island hahah.

    Hey Hetaher!
    Right on!!! I think I'm half way through season 4 or 5 right now. We watched it like crazy a couple of years ago and with each episode being like 40 minutes long that's a whole lot of x-files so needed a break. And I don't think I've seen the list blog. Imma half to stalk it out :D