Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last night's look didn't really have a plan. I saw my jars of Aromaleigh Rocks! shadows and that made me dig in my sample binder and pull out Suspectdevice. I'm still working on figuring out what to pear such an odd colour with so I tried to keep it simple.

Lid main: Suspectdevice
Crease: Smokin'
Highlight: Stardust's Cashmere Mittens
Liner: Planetearth wetlined with AL sealant.
No lower liner, I forgot. teeheeee

Cheeks: MAC ombre in Ripe Peach

Lips: Avon Mark Peekaboo


  1. Hellz yeah! And WEIRD FUNKY COLOUR MATTES TOO!! :D I wonder how it shows up on super pale peeps. HEY PALE LADIES, I HAS A TASK FOR YOUS!

  2. I love the liner. I need to try the eyeliner sealant!