Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future Blog Sale up in this HIZZAY

Okie dokie smokies, you probably remember my scary hoarding post, well after seeing many many episodes of the show Hoarders, I'm starting to realize I don't need to hang on to every little thing even if it's still good. So as part of my spring cleaning, I want to go through my makeup, nail polish, perfume and other stuff I can think of and try to do a blog sale! The stuff I don't use, even though still good, is being neglected and hopefully this way it'll go to a home for somebody to get better use out of.

I don't know for sure what all I'm putting up, I went through some of my nail polish already (poor wrist is cramping like a mofo shaking away at the bottles) went through some perfume, and plan on tearing apart the "stash". Ohhhh man I gots a lot to GO.

For sure there will be some avon perfumes, 2 different Agent Provacateur perfumes (cute bottles SPRAYED TWICE! Not pour moi though), other perfumes, some Gosh effect powders, maybe some MAC, NYX, Annabelle (incase ya wanted to try Canuckian makeups), OPI, Nicole, Sephora, mineral makeup samples, full size jars, limited editions, and other stuff.

So pass on the word, tweet it, blog it, make pretty posters and glue them to fire hydrants, follow me to stay updated, whatever doesn't sell I will just be tossing. I have no sister's to pass on the good stuff, and my girly cousins live on the other side of the country so it's all just sitting here mocking me. I HEAR YOU STUFF! QUIT MOCKING ME STUFF!

Hopefully, with sales, I'll be able to afford the nifty organization cart a la Phyrra and be able too store everything neater.

And I feel another picture is necessary right now...


  1. This post is relevant to my interests.

  2. lol, I'm re-posting with a diffy cat now :D And I forgot to mention NYX. Craploads of NYX I never use.

  3. Oh damn. I want that organizing cart, too. And I looooove Nyx.

  4. I have a wee hoarding problem too. Looking forward to your sale to add to my hoard! :D

  5. If we had typical looking fire hydrants here, I would tape posters to them for the lulz ;D

  6. Hi Kayeffjay! I have loads of singles I'm going to sell for sure. I had a "blue shadow" phase but it passed and I swatched but never wore :(

    Hi Lillian! Hopefully you'll find something you like :)

    Hey Silhouette! You can tape posters to peoples faces, that would be just as FANTASTIC! :D