Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orange Schmorange

Number 2! I wanted Orangey awesomeness after seeing BLIX the day before use orange with Aromaleigh's Les Papillons.

I went a bit different and used Aromaleigh's Hot in the City collection instead.

Here's the stuffs:

I used:

Lid inner half: Heat Wave
Lid outer half and crease: Neon Lights
Highlight: Unicorn
Upper liner: Skyscraper wetlines with AL sealant
Lower liner: Rooftop Garden

(The oranges kept changing shades so that's why there are 3 that look the same lol)

GAH! The last one even makes my skin look orange and I don't even tan!

I don't really like how this turned out, I should have used a darker lower liner colour I think. The light green on the sides under Skyscraper gave it an odd effect :(


  1. I love Heat Wave and Neon Lights together.

  2. That's a gorgeous look, i love love love the orange.


    This makes me want to wear orange, and orange eyeshadow scares the fuck outta me. So that's like an uber compliment ;D

  4. Hi Michelle! They blended in together really nice, I can't wait until I get Swelter and see all 3 together!

    Thank you Lilian :)

    And thank you Silhouette! hahah I LOVE UBER COMPLIMENTS!!! :D I have a NYX orange that I'm kinda scurred of too and haven't worn it. I think it's even 2 yrs old now lol

  5. So so pretty... rich yet smooth, love it. x

  6. Yummy, yummy orange! Me loves it on you!

  7. teeheee thanks! I thought it was a half fail so if you guys liked it, it was worth a postin'! :)