Saturday, March 20, 2010

White shadow experiment

Today I wanted to wear white shadow, so I pulled out a white I bought awhile ago from Annabelle called Snowflake. What a waste of $6. It might make a good highlight shade, but when you can much prettier shades, why frikkin bother?!? You failed me Annabelle!

So naturally I dug in to the mineral stash!

I called it an experiment, because I'm not pale, so white as a main colour could have gone horribly wrong!

I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Stardust cosmetics in Arctic Whisper for the inner half of lid, it has a really pretty blue sheen to it, but of course the camera never shows that kind of stuff :(
Meow Cosmetics in Fur coat, outer half of lid
Stardust Cosmetics in Equinox in crease, lower lash and wetlined on upper lash.
Stardust Cosmetics in Cashmere Mittens
Crappy rimmel that I will have to toss (I will NOT follow dumbass Doe's advice to "add water" to drying mascara and risk a gnarly eye infection, HOW DO YOU HAVE A MAKEUP BUSINESS WOMAN!?!)


  1. I like this! I've really been liking looks with white on the inner lid lately. I really like how you used Equinox too.

    Did you hear some UK store is going to start carrying her line? She says it's the "UK equivalent to Sephora", which I doubt, since I've never heard of it. But the fact that a store is going to make her line even more popular, and rip even MORE people off, makes me so angry. I'll probably do a rant post about it.

  2. Very very pretty! Lovely icy look :)
    and in answer to how Doe got a makeup business is that you don't need to know anything about makeup to repackage mica or buy private label lipstick and call it your own.

  3. So pretty! Love Fur Coat on the outer half of the lid.

    Adding water to mascara will surely make said mascara pretty ineffective, as you're watering down the formula. God, she's so brainless.

    SpaceNK isn't the UK equivalent of Sephora, Heather, because I live here and I'd never heard of it until recently. Quite want to go to one now I am aware though.

  4. She doesn't have a make-up business, she has a repackaging business ;)

    The store which is apparently going to be carrying her stuff is called Space.NK. I doubt they're the equivalent of Sephora but I have to say that all the branches I've seen look like they carry high quality stuff. To be honest, I think Lime Crime will look completely out of place there.


    I've been looking for a white eyeshadow that works well on not-totally-pale skin. I really like this one that you used. I haven't bought anything from Stardust yet but I'll bear it in mind. Also I love the subtle cut crease that you did!

  5. I love it! The pop of lavender from Furcoat keeps this looking exciting!

    I'm not even going to comment Goat's knowledge on how to treat cosmetic products...

  6. HAHAHAHA Doh is a moron.

    Looove that bit of pinky purple on the outer lid ;D

  7. Thanks everyboddeh! :) And I love Doe's new name, GOAT! teeheee. Complete with beard.

  8. This is pretty. I think it's my favorite look that you've done. :)

  9. Hi Julissa, Yay!!! :) I totally guessed the whole thing so I'm really happy to hear it's a fav! :D

  10. I like this look a lot! For some reason whenever anyone says "white eyeshadow" I think of the girl from Temptation Island who wore that matte white eyeshadow all over her lid every day! This is muuuuuuuch better!

    Best, Lisamarie

  11. I love it, too! And I am not a huge white lid fan, but now I want to give it another chance.

  12. Thanks Lisamarie! The only girl I remember from the show was the one with the insane orange hair lol. If I'm thinking of the right show :D

    Thank you Kayeffjay :)