Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Greens

I didn't want anybody pinching me and crap so I wore green...on my eyes.

I really wish my camera and monitors could pick up how wicked bright the green I used was. If you've even see the cartoon movie "Igor" it's totally like the bad lady's green eyeshadow. I tried to google a pic, but failed.

I used:
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese just on the lid (I couldn't find my green one :sadface)
NYX Pearl Mania in Jade Pearl all over lid
Aromaleigh hi-fi matte in radioactive in crease
Meow Cosmetics Zombie in Skelecat to highlight
Crappy bodyshop liquid liner of pain
Rimmel mascara

Avon Starglo blush

I think just regular lip balm was used. There's no colour so it doesn't matter I guess :)

I kind of botched the liner on the one eye.


  1. Thank you :) I just realized I forgot to brush my hair in the last pic lol. Whoops!

  2. OMG stop doing looks I want to steal... I have that NYX pigment and that Aromaleigh color... I wanna copy :D haha this looks really pretty on you! How does the NYX pigment work for you in terms of creasing? I've only used mine once, and it creased pretty badly.

  3. Very pretty, what a beautful green.

  4. Love the frosty green! You look great! I didn't wear green at all, but nobody pinched me. Oh well.

  5. This is GORGEOUS! Radioactive <3

  6. Hi Heather! I used it with primer and a super thin layer of the jumbo pencil and it was still good at the end of day, so I guess you just need a ton of primer :) It's the pencils I have trouble with but if I spread them out thin enough and only use them as a base for other colours, then they work pretty good.

    Thanks Lillian!

    Hiya Blix! Maybe you had that "if you punch me, I will murder you" look on your face that I usually have on everyday :)

    Thanks Nea!

  7. Wtf that green is GORGEOUS. It's like TKB Green Apple pop and some random mint colour had an eyeshadow baby :)