Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stardust Honey Pink

I've been very lazy and have 4 looks all ready now.

Numero 1 is a look I did Wednesday using mostly Stardust Cosmetics.

(I had put Honey Pink away so it's not shown here)

Lid main: Honey Pink
Crease: Holiday Delight
Colour underneath thickest part of eyebrow and above crease (what the hell is that called?): Caroller's Breath
Just under brow: Winter White
Inner corners: Meow Cosmetics Sand Dune (It was almost an all Stardust look but I had to use the gold. Gold sweet gold :)

The rest of the pics were blurry :(

I probably should have used a liner but I had no idea on the look I wanted that day and it was taking too long.

Number 2 time!....


  1. :O Honey Pink is so pretty *grabby hands*

  2. heheheee, something on the site just said to me "buy me" and my brain was all like "fuck yeah I will"

  3. Ooh! Honey Pink is really pretty! Don't think I have anything like that! No fair!

    This look is super pretty and you applied them so well. :-D

  4. Thanks ladies :) This one took me longer than usual so I'm glad you guys think it worked out :D