Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Other Time Murderers

I am a total dork who still makes arts and crafts that 10yr olds make at camp.


That's right! Those bracelets made of embroidery thread. Thousands of tiny little knots. I'm not very crafty though, I can't make letters or pictures like some people can, although I saw a cute penguin one I wanted to attempt but lost the pattern.

Here's my boxes of rainbow awesome, 2 out of 3 of them. You can't tell, but the rows in the green box have more rows of colours underneath.

And here's where I keep my finished bracelets and the ones I'm working on:

Here's some I made 2 or 3 yrs ago now:

And one for my Oma

And the badboys I currently have left

And the ones I'm working on that I'll finish one day.

I'd love to sell these on Etsy but I'll never get what I think they're worth. You can have people sell fucking tshirt scraps knotted into a "bracelet"
and it'll go for $30, then you have one of these (4 colour one takes 1.5 hrs of knotting) and the price I'm seeing for these and ones 3x as thick go from $3-$12. 4.5 hrs of knotting for $6?!? Are they on glue? I know the strings themselves don't cost much but the hours it takes to make them, seeing the same colours over and over, makes them worth so much more. I made one for my friend who used it as an anklet and lost it in less than a week so I made another and quadruple knotted it. There goes 3 hrs of my life :D

Mini rant done!

So for now I will keep on making them and plopping them into my lil shiny box. My mom usually ends up getting a couple a year. I don't wear them, they'll get wrecked in the warehouse.


  1. Duuuuude, I used to make friendship bracelets like that and was so impressed with myself XD the most complicated I ever got was like multiple stripes and chevron type things though.

    I had this book that told you how to make all these different designs, I wonder if I still have it.

    You have skillz :D

  2. I can't believe that POS sold for $30! Wtf! These are really pretty, I don't have any bracelets like these. :(

  3. I've always loved that kind of bracelets, though I don't wear them regularly. And I couldn't say what I'd pay, as I'd make them myself or ask my sister (who's amazing at designing them, she made me a choker saying 'I trust Snape' with a couple of snakes after I'd read HBP, for example).
    Also, making stuff does not make you a dork! A crafty geek, maybe. ;-)

  4. Thanks Silhouette! It's probably my only skill and I still cant do the hard stuff lol

    Hi Heather! TSHIRT SCRAPS! I KNOW! Almost makes me wanna hack up my closet to see what people will buy hahaha

    Hi CucumPear! That's the tricky part, not knowing what to charge when they are relatively easy to make, they just take soooo long. I'd have to count on people not knowing lol. And that choker sounds AMAZING! That must have taken so long too! I'll take the title Crafty Geek then :)

  5. Heh heh! Camp totally comes to mind...I can't remember how to make them though...