Friday, March 26, 2010

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I've always wanted to try this since it first came out but was never on sale. I didn't want to pay $10, I'm cheap like that. Finally it went on sale for $6.99 so I grabbed one in "soft black". I usually go for blackest black but it wasn't on sale. And to make it more awesome, I completely forgot it wasn't "blackest black" and got a bit of a shock when I pulled the brush out and saw the odd greyish black colour. (What do ya expect from a girlie who has never seen different :D )

The claim:
Lash Stiletto contains the latest application and formula technology giving lashes a mesmerizingly elongated look. Do for your lashes what 5 inch stilettos do for your legs.
* The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
* Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
* Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
* Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested

The wand was just a basic mascara wand, no curve, no fancy rubber, just a thin, straight brush.

It also stunk. Not like putrid swamp water, but like artificial roses or some stink. I wasn't expecting that either. I quite like the regular chemical makeup mascara smell, why add fragrance? Who the hell is going to talk to me and be like, "WOAH, what is that wonderful aroma emanating from your eyeballs?!? I want you!"

I was hoping for shiny ass lashes and was left saying what the shit?

(I don't know how to do side by side so hopefully this way works too)

There was no shiny and it just seemed pretty basic to me. Another downside is it didn't make my lashes fuller, only added a bit of length. I should have seen if there was a fullness/lengthening one with the shiny. But since this one didn't have the shiny.... NO DEAL MAYBELLINE! It could also be that I'm just used to a mascara having the "fullness" factor automatically, I didn't think to look for any volumizers. It also did hardly anything on my lower lashes.

Packaging: 4/5 It slightly resembles a heel!
Price: 3/5 only try it on sale
Product: 2/5 They were longer but I've had better from cheaper.
Overall: 2/5 If you want length, try it, but it stinks, literally and you can find better.
Would I buy again? Nah

I will take pictures again in a week just to make sure. I know most of the mascaras I buy usually need a week to get "broken" in, but I doubt the "patent" shine will magically appear by then.


  1. Crazy! This is my all time favorite mascara!

    Also, if it smells, I think it's bad. I've gone through a few tubes (3? maybe) and none of mine smelled like anything.

  2. Yours didn't have the stinky?!? I just ran and grabbed mine again (if my bf wakes up he's going to think I'm trying to get high off of it) and there's definitely a smell to mine :( It could be "off". Or maybe they're trying to poison canucks' eyeballs :D

  3. If I SNIFF at it it's got a smell, but it's nothing I can detect just using it. :(

    I just resniffed mine too, thankfully there is no one here to look at me funny.

  4. Maybe mine's just like "new car smell" that goes away after awhile :) I don't normally notice mascara smell and only had to do a double check on this one when I couldn't figure out where the heck the mystery scent was coming from while I was putting it on. I'll just assume the formulator person/robot dumped too much somethingorother in it :D
    And now I'll daydream about robots making makeup. Fantastically awesome-o!

  5. Oh my, girl, you're so funny! :) I had the same "smelly experience" with Maybelline Volume Colossal (where is the volume, where?!). The only difference is that it smelled (I'd better say stank) of tulips! I love tulips but not how they smell! And I'm used to that mascara scent anyway, so why bother? Couldn't they write "WARNING: it stinks of tulips"?! lol Totally! Let's blame those robots! lol

  6. lol, I wonder if they are just randomly sticking floral scents in the tubes!
    My fav ever mascara was the Maybelline Lash Stylist and it didn't have any funky smells so I wonder what made them start now. And it gets stuck in my nose, I went to my big mirror to make sure everything was even and caught a whiff of it. My lower lashes weren't completely dried yet but now that they are the smell is gone :)

  7. u have natural thick lashes!
    im so jealous

  8. ...I just realised that I don't think I've ever smelled one of my mascaras. And...I'm not about to go and do that right as soon as I've finished writing this comment ¬___¬

    Doesn't look like too bad a mascara (except the smelly thing) but I love my Bourjois Liner Effect tbh!

  9. Oh dear, Maybelline's patented rotten flower scent... I actually like Lash Stiletto, but the scent is quite disgusting. It also makes it impossible to judge the usability by sniffing.

  10. Lash Stylist? Really? Whoa! :) It was (and still is) my HG mascara, before those "robots" decided to discontinue it! Lash Stylist was truly amazing! The best! I managed to buy one from online shop a few months ago, but it wasn't that good, probably because it was too old. So I stopped looking for it. Now I try to find a replacement. No luck yet! :/

    Colossal's "odour" was so strong I could hardly deal with it. Even my hubby noticed (he was like: "What's that weird smell?")! lol

  11. Hi Vanilla! Thank you :) I still feel naked without mascara on lol

    Hi Simone! It's good for a bit of length but I think I just prefer ones that make me look like they're super full. I'll still use it until it's done anyways :) I couldn't figure why the heck I sniffed it in the first place but this morning, when I was doing my lower lashes, the wand was right next to my nose and that's how it must have happened the first day lol

    Hi CucumPear! I'm glad to hear someone else's smelled funkay and I wasn't loosing it :D

    Hi HeavenNRJ! Heck Yeah Lash Stylist!! Next time you find one, and the formula seems odd, just keep the wand! I saw that on MakeupAlley I think. I used mine 3x since I bought it a few months ago but it's probably off now. But I'm totally keeping the wand. Rimmel lash maxx has one close to it, but it still is not as good.