Saturday, March 6, 2010

Throw the Cadaver in the Tree Fire

I got all purdified to go to Sephora today just to learn the malls here close at 5 :( That's disappointing.

Earlier I was making one of my crazy Fyrinnae dream carts (I need to get 81 items at $225.40 BEE TEE DOUBLE YOUUUU) and I was inspired by their "Painted Roses" shade. I don't have it yet, so I dug around my stash and tried to find something similar.

This is what I came up with.

Lid main: Meow Cosmetics 12 Pain of xmas in Tree Fire
Crease: Meow Cosmetics Halloween in Cadaver
Brow highlight: SheSpace in Full Of Hope
Eyeliner above and lower lashline: Meow Cosmetics Egyptian Treasures in Obelisk
Rimmel junk again

Lips: Fyrinnae Flavour of the Day

Cheeks: Meow Cosmetics Taboo blush in Centerfold
Claires yellowy bronzer on top for more gold sparklies

I also bought some stuffs today.

Annabelle blush in Rapture, part of their spring 2010 line. Peachy with gold, my fav combo.

And the possible not so great buy, Physicians Formula mineral wear primer/corrector/powder compact in Translucent. I think it may be too light for me and probably for use under powder foundation, but I will see how it does under my liquid.

And it comes with the world's most ass ugly brush I have ever seen.

And the last thing, which I will for sure be returning is this Alice in Wonderland body spray/lotion set. There were 4 different scents and I grabbed the one that had a bottle opened to sniff and thought I liked it so grabbed the travel set (remember the hoarding post? I so do not need more full size ANYTHING) and I grabbed the Cherries and Whipped Vanilla with a Hint of Orange Zest set.


It was mostly water. In the body spray as well as the lotion. And any note you could pick out was a weird chemical melon smell and then it fades to nothing in 20 seconds. So sad about that. CHERRIES, VANILLA AND ORANGE! That's an effing killer combo! You failed Disney and I'm getting my $13 back.

There was a Creamy Florals with Spice scent spray. It's probably shit too.

On a side note, I'm totally trying to sell Kellie Pickler on Aromaleigh's Foundations on Twitter. She said she's too pale for anything she's found yet. AROMALEIGH KELLIE! AROMALEIGH!


  1. Hnghhh gold eyeshadow = automatic win.

    I wish I lived in Asia, where some of the stores dont shut till 3am :( some stores fricken shut at 3pm here on Sundays, it's bullshit. Though I suppose its better than when stores wouldnt open at all on Sundays :|

  2. OK, that is the worlds ugliest brush...
    I placed my first Fyrinnae order on Friday. I'm sure it would have been well over $200 if I put everything in the cart that I wanted! But I went for a lot of eyeshadow samples and a full size Pixie Epoxy, since I know my small one can't possibly last much longer. I think I will just buy a few things here and there until I have everything I want. :-)
    That blush is really pretty. Although I think I have something like it...if not I must get it!
    I love the pink and gold together. Such a glowing look. You are beautimus!!!

    Some stores aren't open here on Sundays at all. :-(

  3. Bah! Stores open til 3 am! and stores not open at all! GAH! There should be one set store time! Must be open til 9pm!

    Pinks with gold are GENIUS! I know I had similar already but it was dirt cheap! Just $8 so I had to snag it, and they got me with the "limited edition" part lol