Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ego Bloodlust

Oh metallics, can I marry thee?

But first!

This time when I got all makeup-ified I made sure everything was still open by getting ready at 10! 10 on a Sunday! I'm never up that early! I had to get my shop on though. I bought craploads of nail polish. China Glaze was 2 for $8 at Sally beauty supply. Also, I picked up 5 mini nail polishes and a pretty blue Orly polish. I out the China Glaze and was surprised to find out that 2 of them were matte! Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon. Here's the stuff on 1 hand. From thumb to pinkie: Flying Dragon, Snowcone, Blue Sparrow, For Audrey and Frostbite.

And now on to the makeups!

I used

Lid main: Aromaleigh's Ego
Crease: Meow Cosmetics' Halloween in Bloodlust
Highlight: Stardust Cosmetics' Cashmere Mittens
Eyeliner: AL sealant used with Stardust Cosmetics in Midnight Candle
Lower lash liner: Meow Cosmetics' Halloween eyeliner in Coffin
Rimmel junks

Cheeks: Annabelle Rapture
Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection
Claire's golden yellowy bronzer for more sparkle

Lips: Nada, I forgot :(

I tried a "natural light" shot but my camera frowns on it and makes everything blurry as hell. Here's the shot, I attempted to "sharpen" it but it's still not good.

And, because the Oscars are on, and I can't stand them, I went photoshop nutty and tried to make a purdy picture out of the blurry piece o junk.

And my twitter/fb pic cuz it's so damn colourful!


  1. Holy Batman that gold is INTENSE. And I heart the red crease <3

    I finally get the hype about For Audrey :) and I really like the look of Flying Dragon too!

    I think I'd get up at 10am on a Sunday if it involved makeup and beauty-related products too LOL

  2. Oi and I tagged you slapper :)

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  5. Ooh I love that Aromaleigh gold. Must get!

  6. Hi Silhouette! It's my fav gold e.v.e.r. It's probably the only shadow I've worn more than once as my main lid colour in the last year.

    Hi Simone! You must has it! Even if it's just a sample bag, you'll want to eat it!

    Thank you Phyrra! :D

  7. Wow, that is a great gold colour! Why don't I have that!?

    Your eyeliner wing looks so thin and pretty. I love your photoshop pictures! You look like a movie star from the 40's. :-D

  8. Hiya Blix! You must gets it. Like NOW WOMAN! It's such a sweet gold, it's INTENSE! I don't even know how to describe it, I'd say yellowy but most golds are yellowy, this one just does yellowy much better lol

    And thank you :) I was so bored with the Oscars I think I played with them for an hour :D I wish I knew how to take out the background in like 2 steps or less lol

  9. Ooh I love those colors together! Great look!