Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ode To Fyrinnae

There is a beautiful brand that I like a lot
With greens galore and sparkles, they've got
This brand is Fyrinnae, my intro to colour
With awesomeness that can compare to no other
Excellent pricing which means a lot to me
For my addiction is growing, constantly
Polar bear, Snow Bunny, and Fyre & Ice
The shimmers they have are all quite nice
Tiny jars of rainbows in pink, yellow, blue
If you don't like the changes and send hate mail,


And it's totally directed to whoever is writing them hate rant mails. If they don't like it they could always buy repackaged rainbow jars for $12 somewhere else...

P.S. I WANNA SEE MOAR POEMZ! This was really fun to write and I was giggling the whole time!


  1. LOL You're such a nut :)

    They do have awesome stuff. Fyrinnae is one of my favorite places to shop.

    It's a shame folks get so bent out of shape over a TINY price change. The products are definitely worth more than they currently charge.

    It seems everyone these days has that entitlement issue going on. I don't get it.

  2. Hahaha love the poem :) I didn't see their post before I deleted it, but my feed did show the little preview which says they're getting hate mail. How stupid. If people are so damn whiny about it, they can shop somewhere else.

  3. I didn't know about whatever changes Fyrinnae are making (I'm out of the loop D= haven't ordered anything from them in a while...must fix that when their site is back up) but I won't be having a hissy fit over a small price increase, if that's what it is. I've always thought their prices were more than reasonable.

    Cute poem! :) and lulz @ the '$12 rainbow jars' comment...

  4. I laughed so much at the repackaged rainbow jars for $12 ;D Fyrinnae is awesome!

  5. Haha, love the poem! Made me giggle :)

  6. Haha, love the poem! And the colors you got... and Fyrinnae... :D

  7. I loooove your poem. And fyrinnae is AWESOME!!! They are still VERY inexpensive. So whomever is giving them meanie messages is just a giant Douche.

  8. LOVE the poem and totally agree....give the boys a break people! I absolutely love Fyrinnae....

  9. I love it! And I love Fyrinnae! (I just wish I could get their site to open so I could buy some stuff - but the prices don't bother me.)

  10. haha yeah its still worth the money!

  11. lol, why did people get so angry? It's not like they did what MAC did.

    Nice poem, too. :D

  12. Did you get to read the entire blogpost before they deleted it? D: I was late to the party so I could only see the preview in my feed.

    And LOL mad poetry skillz <3

  13. Hee hee great poem! I love me some Fyrinnae!

  14. :) Thanks guys! I'm not totally sure what all the post was about, I only caught the first line as well, but that was enough to get me pissed off at the meanie heads.

  15. Lol this is too cute! I just posted a rant about the stupid people sending hate mail too. Some idiots, I tell you!