Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Neutral

I was moody on Friday after seeing the lack of paycheque the day before and wasn't feeling very crafty so I decided on neutrals.

The extra crappy part? I can't remember what I used other than my main shade! That's sad, I can't remember a simple 2 days before lol.

The main shade was Aromaleigh's Butterscotch. I think the crease and highlight was NYX but I don't remember if it was the In The Woods set or the set with that brown bean and Barely There or whatever the heck it was called. See what good help I am? My paycheque has frikkin traumatized me! :D

Will anybody else admit to a crappy short term memory? :D


  1. I have a terrible short term memory. If I can keep it in my head for 20 minutes, I'm good to go, but I usually forget something in the first 5. I'm really bad about forgetting something in the middle of saying or typing it.

    Pretty neutrals :)

  2. I hope you used 3 BROWNS IN A PAN :P

    I have a crap memory when it comes to remembering what I used in looks too :( which sucks because I have a super amazing memory when it comes to everything else

  3. Hey Michelle, I'm the exact same way. My mr can't understand why I get mad when he tells me to look up something online when I'm in the middle of something because I WILL forget what I was doing. And in the middle of talking really sucks cuz I get the person staring back at me and I'm like "oh crap uhhhhhhh yeahhhhh" I think our minds are just too wander-y :)
    And thank you!

    Hey Silhouette! I think it WAS 3 BROWNS IN A PAN!! hahaha. Usually I keep out what I used to at least snap a pic to remember, but I was all Moody McMooderson and shoved them away

  4. Hee hee. I'm sort of the same way. If I don't write down what I used when I'm finished, I will totally forget half of what was used. So I now set what was used aside, so I can just look at them and go, "Oh yeah!".

    This is a good neutral look for you. Just enough shadow to bring out the shape of your pretty eyes!

  5. I'm starting to get into the habit of actually taking a shot of my stuff just to remember later, until I accidentally delete it...